It’s preview time!

CB teaserKeep your eyes peeled for some Couture’d Bacon newness coming! Store is being set up and things are being arranged and goodies are being made! so stay tuned! Dress on the left is the J’adore line and on the right we have a preview of CityScape Bodysuits!


A bit over the top

MS embroidered adFor me these days ANY date is a reason to get all decked out…my schedule doesnt allow much time these days to socialize soooo of course I pulled out all the stops.  I couldn’t help myself again…of COURSE I chose to meet at Lennon Park as there really is no better place in my mind to get cozy with someone you find baconly delicious.  Anyyyhoo I just had to show off Millinery Shoppe’s latest and greatest and voila! Perfect night! MSdressmontageoutfit:

Girls in the Wind

windygirls blogFrom left to right in that photo: Jadore Poutine, Scarlett Luv, and Chopsy Bode

When Jadore saw this picture she referred to it as “the three furies” which made me chuckle as the most Jadore could muster fury wise is “slightly miffed”…same goes for Chopsy 😀 I COULD pull off the fury of two…but between all three of us we’d only get to roughly 2 1/3 furies.  So I couldnt bring myself to call the pic “the 2 1/3 furies” it just didnt have the same ring to it.  Anyhoo… after we brought some rage we went off to dose ourselves with bacon and visit Bryn Oh’s Immersiva  

Go vist! be amazed! Chops runninChops taking off when she heard it was time for her solo pose…*sighs*

windy scarI luffs me some ocean!

Dresses: AD Creations

Hair: EMO-tions


Simply Glam!

Couture blogfullNothing says warmer weather is here to me more than the birds coming back and seeing butterflies…flowers blooming..and the squeee feelin i get in the pit of my stomach that i can finally stop dressing for an arctic freeze!  Combine that with it’s Fridaaay and you know what THAT means! best shopping day in sl! Between Fi*fridays, 50L fridays, SL Fashion week, new releases I just end up needin a whole new home to store stuff in! Goooodness!

This wonderful look is pulled together with a fabulous bunch of SL Fashion week goodies and a perfect find at Limited Bazaar. So enjoy! Oh and check out the next pic: those bracelets are DIVINE!Coutureblog closeupOutfit:

  • dress: [[LD]] Major: Nouveau Kaftan
  • bracelets: [tea.s] Link Bracelet, cinnamon, cream, grape (sl fashion week)*new location*
  • butterfly hat: Butterfly Head Red, Boudoir (Limited Bazaar)
  • neck tassels: Remy, BeauTassels-Red/Gold
  • shoes: {{BSD Design studio}},Toiles de Jouy, disco red (L’accessoires)

A Camping we will go..

Camping blogI’m not entirely sure this was a smart decision on anyone’s part. I mean REALLY? ME?!? CAMPING? *shakes head* Between uneven ground to walk in my heels, and the bugs, and the shared changing rooms for swimming…a girl’s gotta draw the line, SOMEWHERE, right? I think I sprained my ankle on top of everything, but the things we do for beauty!Camping closeup

As always, shots taken at the lovely Lennon Park

my outfit:

  • dress:  Hucci Yola Dress, Greyed Jade (collabor88)
  • shoes: ISON – billie patent heels seafoam (collabor88)
  • bag: (Milk Motion) Mini leather suitcase bag (past arcade gacha item)
  • necklace and bracelet: .Olive. the Mr. Me Stashing (past SL fashion week item nla)
  • hair: Magika, Wait (yay newnesss!)

My Life as a cartoon…

Blog PopartjpgOk admittedly I’m havin a love-hate relationship with Liv Glam right now…one I hate them for being so bloody AWESOME, but more importantly their store is so huge its overwhelming. Sl also kicked me in the shins and so far, only received 4 of the 5 dresses I bought earlier…still waitin to hear back on that 0_o  I love my life as my “‘toon” as some call em…I adore brits and bacon jussss about equally, and spend my time chasin both around the grid.  Any hoo, the hot, hot summer is comin and Im sure I will either be postin a lot of scantily clad bathing suits in the upcoming weeks or all my pics will have a fan involved somehow.  Only time can tell!