Oh my! Epic Gym Fail!

epicgymfailjpgSo as with many of my fellow SL’ers Ive been puttin off goin to the gym…So if i cant rectify it in rl, well i thought, pshawww doin it in SL is just as good innit? No? SURELY you jest! 🙂 Anyhoo I found that I was JUST as uncoordinated in SL at the gym as I would be in rl…how is this even POSSIBLE? *sighs* …i may just need a trainer…

So I decided to stick with somethin I couldnt SERIOUSLY hurt myself doing…at least if I do i wont feel it right away *groans*  So Ill leave you lovelies with one final pic…my reward a fabulous drink from the gym refreshment bar a nice, sweet, juice smoothy!Gym Restjpg

  • Hair: Tram C407 hair / creamyellow
  • Outfit: Gizza Work Out (bought at limited bazaar is sold out but you can still pick up same thing in store! yay!)
  • Shoes: DECO – MESH Thunder Bolt left (greyorange)
  • drink: [y] Cup – Mix Juice Orange Bee RARE (gacha item) xy event

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