Its gettin’ hot in here!


Going overboard is not unusual for me…so when I say “when I arrive.. I bring the fire” I mean every word of it! Where I’m from, not even cross heels can help…or maybe I wear them ironically…who can say? Is it time to throw out a bunch of cliches? If you cant stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen? or maybe…life is like a box of matches you never know which one is goin to be the one to burn your fingers? *giggles*  Either way, its always a safe bet you’ll need to carry a fire extinguisher around when you hang out with me!

gothbodyfinalThis ensemble was inspired by bits and pieces found at the World Goth Fair.  

Click the link to find your favorite designers and which of the two sims they are in!

What I’m wearing:

  • hair: Clawtooth, Sugar Kisses (collabor88)
  • skin: +Nuuna+ Khalida Skin 7 [Fair] (world goth fair)
  • makeup: +Nuuna+ Red  lips (option comes with skin)
  • outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Lucretia Bodysuit Black (world goth fair)
  • shoes: [whatever] Maria
  • eyelashes: Toxic Bish, Sexy Bish

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