It’s a lovely day out

Sunnyday CloseupJust another beautiful day at Lennon Park…Its a nice place to relax after a grueling day hauling around 2 kids for 4 hours at a mall one of whom is autistic.  I’d say more, but my brain has shut down and I think I’ve nearly lost the will to live 😛  Anyhoo…enjoy the piccies I loved puttin em together for ya’ll!SunnyDay FullOutfit:

  • hair: Exile, Hearts Don’t Breakeven
  • jewelry: Intrigue Co. Rainy Days Necklace: Sunny Yellow (collabor88)
  • shoes: ISON, billie patent heels (collabor88)
  • dress: (Milk Motion) checked pattern dress (TDRfusion)
  • bag: ISON, scout boho bag
  • makeup: Blacklace Beauty Kiss Me Hard Centre Gold
  • hands: Slink

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