Its the weekend!

SunsetdressSometimes, just sometimes fighting the lag, the crowd, the veryyyy slow rezzing takes a lot outta a person. When that happens, youll have to forgive her if she gets a bit sloppy or lazy come postin’ time! I reallly wanted to show off some goodies from collabor88 for you so …heres TWO and one extra bit of awesome an full of win from faMESHed!


  • dress: Baiastice,Hina Maxi dress-print-tropical lavender pink (faMESHed)
  • hair: Clawtooth: Over Me (collabor88)
  • bindi: NylonOutfitters Bindi-blue (collabor88)

6 thoughts on “Its the weekend!

      • oh, well let me tell U then! haha, seriously, it was amazing, you’re standing at this drive up donut truck… and you bite into this weird looking donut with hunks of bacon on top… and BAM, you’re, like, transported to some all nite pancake house with the whole breakfast shebang at your table.

        It really was a funny “virtual” experience, in that you’re standing in a university parking lot, and then in a single bite you’re now seated with a bunch of bleary-eyed friends at the Waffle House or someplace. It was the craziest thing.

        Well, not as crazy as YOU, of course… but for a donut… it was pretty crazy.


      • All MY friends eyes wouldn’t be bleary they’d be shining lookin at all the delish bacon n breakfast stuffs they were bout to consume!

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