I Mustache you for bacon

mustache blogAdmittedly Im a sucker for internet memes, and/or funny trends and the mustache is no exception.  This is another bloody cute as all get out outfit pulled together from the puppet fair and arcade! The shoes were a lil tough but they are cute too and altogether I think its a pretty quirky and whimsical outfit.  So feel free to mustache yourselves blissfully I know I did!


  • corset: BE; ohsocute moustache corset (puppet fair)
  • garter: Chrissy designs Fantasy Leather Garters w/stockings
  • mustache socks: Le Primitif, Mustache Knee Socks
  • hat: Lagyo, Hilda headpiece RARE3 (arcade gacha)
  • bag: BE; moustache bag (puppet fair)
  • shoes: Dark Midday Designs, “Ruffled Heart” Leg Warmer Mary Janes
  • necklace and ring: Olive, the Mr. Me Stashing collection

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