Long, hard trek

doll travels(Part 1 of a story)

His joints were feeling cold and brittle as he stumbled through the snow…but nothing could stop him short of shattering his quest to find his angel.  His chest felt tight as he remembered the days upon days of getting to know, then falling in love with the doll that shared his shelf.  He remembered falling off the shelf one time and getting a mark on his face…he was in awe the way she led him to the model paint section and mixed up paint to match and fix him up as good as new… Then the day came when she was picked out by an older gentlemen for his granddaughter… he could see the sorrow in her eyes as she was carried away from him.  One night he finally couldn’t take it anymore and snuck out the mail slot for the store.  He had with him the receipt from her sale and the address where she was to be delivered to, and hoped with all of his might that he could find her.  His treck was long for him, in the snow and avoiding animals. He had high hopes that they would be reunited.

Doll AV: COCO (male, new!)

hair: Dura


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