My promise to my readers

Desert Bday FullI had two TOTALLY different encounters today…. ONE was extremely sweet and put a smile on my face and the SECOND made me quite miffed.  Lets start with how they both effect me, and inversely, you all my readers.  The first incident brings me to this point: I blog for enjoyment, but also to show off to you guys so you can find these goodies stuff I find that I think is completely full of win. In my opinion it’s completely counterproductive to not only your readers but ALSO to the creators you may be blogging for…the point is to promote their products.  So lets say you im someone who as it seems by the look of her blog is a promotional blogger for MANY stores….to ask about a hat that shes blogged and give her the wrong blog addy…you think instead of biting your head off for not saying hello first shed want to help the stores out she gets promo stuff from FOR THIS EXACT PURPOSE? Apparantly not. Yes after being told how rude I was i did snap, but that is just a poor way to represent the stores you get free stuff to blog for, dontcha think?  So my promise to you is even if I’m having a bad day if anyone of you sends me an im to inquire about something I’ve blogged i wont be sitting round giving you all a lesson in manners and not answering your questions.  The second thing is every gesture of kindness should be recognized…So without further ado MUCH gratitude to Anya Ohmai for the most awesome every flavored birthday cake bean which totally made my day and you can see more closely in the following picture: Desert Bday CloseupI love you guys and thank you to Jhanelle as well for the totally rad red guitar you have to join my band and be singer kthanxbai  (also as an aside: Tuty’s has continued to surprise me the past while cause I thought of em as a hair place, but between the killer makeups at the last cosmetic fair and this dress im totally in awe!)


  • dress: Tuty’s  Mesh Backless gown orange ( slurl to store but found dress on MP)
  • hair: Nylon Outfitters, Raver buns (collabor88)
  • makeups: +Nuuna+ Halftone Orange and elymode: makeup – lineas 2 (cosmetic fair)
  • nose piercing: SYS  SHYVA – nose piercing (cosmetic fair)
  • tongue: Ohmai Emporium: Every Flavored Bean (Birthday Cake)

Now, if any one ever has questions about an item i missed in a blog post or cant find somethin that ive blogged PLEASE PLEASE im me and id be more then happy to take ya right to it 😀 xoxox



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