Im sad to tell you all that my second life account, Scarlett Luv has been compromised and we got on it right away so it was shut down….temporarily..but I wont be able to access it for awhile or my computer til i get that sorted….hugs all ill still be around in other forms




Walk this way

It seemed like such an unlikely place to meet a girl like this…but here I was mistaken, yet again, in my wanderings.  I should have been more careful, she was like a deadly piranha, and I didn’t see what was coming until it was too late.  Perhaps if I had paid more attention and been more wary as she didn’t look like she fit in in her surroundings at all, but she was just too tempting! I know now that different offworlders like to pick places such as these because visitors usually come here to see a simpler time and have their guards down.  I woke up missing all my valuables, and even my land cruiser had been stolen.  Femmes like these, though…almost make you enjoy being robbed….and those eyes! She was something, alright.


The Train Ride

The trip was a long time coming.  I had put it off too many times, I simply couldn’t put if off any further.  Whenever I go there I feel their disapproval…and they make me feel like they are always mentally patting themselves on their backs for being “better” then me.  I try to straighten my shoulders and walk proud, but every trip, without fail I go home crying.  I value love, helping our fellow man and being as strong as I can for my own family.  I could never live up to their standards as I simply don’t put any value on “success”.  To me, success is measured far differently, such as how well we love our children, and making others feel good about themselves, not how much money I rake in every year.  With a sigh, I get on the train…and take deep breaths and get ready to face the family I grew up in.  So if you are blessed with parents who care about your welfare and well-being, as opposed to how good you make them look….give them a hug and tell them how much you appreciate them!

In the above photo I wanted to show the differences that a dark vs light skin can make and the differences a base skin with glossy vs. matte lips makes.  Big hand for another awesome creation by Gemini Galatea from Blacklace Beauty!   Visage Summer Sky coming out friday!


Social Consciousness

Ive seen my share of the darkness in people, believe me.  On the flip side, I have also seen the light as well.  Many nights the memories have kept me awake, and I am grateful for Jacques’ help and support as I try to bring this horrible underground secret to light.  Every year, many girls lose their lives.  I say it this way, because when you are taken any dreams you had for your future, they die.  Many girls are beaten, some are raped, some die.  We as humans must put our foot down and say to the traffickers “this is UNACCEPTABLE”.  Human trafficking is a very real reality for many girls all over the globe. Children and adults alike.  I spent a long time coming to terms with my past, and I had many supporters along the way, and i weep for those less fortunate then I.  For more information please visit .humantraffickingsearch.net

I spent many years in my early teens as a forced prostitute, and now I am free…but the memories still haunt me… Educate yourself and maybe you too will have a chance to help someone in need.

xoxo Katya

*story is fictitious characters are created for story


Little tease…

The dame looked in apprehension down on the small dog with his tongue wagging and the smile etched into his face permanently before breaking down and grinning that wide smile dames smile when they chance upon some sickly cute infant or pictures of puppies.  She resisted the urge to drop to her knees in the puddles and pick him up and rub noses with him as she looked at him the silence between them going unnoticed as the intense steady drops of rain echoed on her umbrella.  She could barely tear her eyes from him to look down the road where he had pointed “Straight, then round the curve?” she asked to confirm and the only response from the dog was a bark and a tail wag.  She beamed at him before heading in that direction in pursuit of fortune teller who could tell her about the whereabouts of the elusive hair fair everyone had been murmuring about….

Hi everyone! I have been taking a slight break from blogging due to health reasons but I promise, PROMISE after getting all the pics in the blog switched over to the less resource-eating JPEGs, YOU DAHLINGS will be getting a steady stream of awesome again from me! I am so excited becauseee Vintage fair is coming and we are in midst of hair fair. I want to thank the cutest lil dog on the grid for posing with me for this shot and showing me HIS epic work of genius you should go check out his youtube HERE  Bluejean Clip is a sweetie and be sure to check out his store in world if you are a tiny cause they got an awesome lil shop! I sometimes get the bug to write silly lil things to go along with my pics do be sure to check out Mad Pea’s hunt it is full of win and the sim is GORGEOUSSS let me tell you!


  • dress: (Milk Motion) Lace dress (collabor88)
  • hair: Eaters Coma – HAIR 28 / Gold Blonde (hair fair atm, i STILL cant get there!)
  • bag: Le Poppycock *Tea Time Sac* Cour (She & Him)


FPfull with poster1There’s many things on my mind today so I will try to spit them out one at a time.  Most importantly it has come to my attention that a very talented SL content creator has breast cancer.  It brought tears to my eyes to find out Squinternet Larnia owner of Donna Flora is now under home nursing care.  I want to pass on the message from Miamai’s owner and send everyone to the Love Donna Flora‘s site and be sure to pass on your well wishes and keep your eyes open for the event that will be fundraising for her.

The second thing I wanted to tell you all is a reminder that the Fist Pump hunt is still going on and there is plenty of time left to find the dress that I am wearin in the above pic while you are waiting for your next arcade round!  I loved it the minute I put it on! Be sure to go on over to Atooly’s site to find out more bout it!There was a third thing I wanted to say, but in the time I started writing this post til now…well, it like most thoughts I have have vanished into the ether 😛  Today I got to see my Keripants back home safely and this has brought a smile to my otherwise heavy heart.  We all must have some good news to outweigh the bad, yes?

FP3 closeupjpgLast but not least, yay for Liquence finally being open! I luffs them!


  • hat: Baiastice, Frilly Summer Hat
  • dress: :{MV}: Jersey Mini (fist pump with the best hunt)
  • hair: . Liquence . F2
  • clutch: (Milk Motion) owl minaudiere clutch (collabor88)
  • necklace:KOSH- Sailor necklace (mens dept.)
  • cuff right arm: :::LP::: Christian Arm Cuff (sl fashion week)
  • ring: Maxi Gossamer, Disco lover Cross (collabor88)
  • shoes: Maitreya, Gold Liaison (sale right now!)

Its our anniversary!

The Dance  It was our anniversary and I woke up feeling like I was going to die.  Love is what I get from this man 24-7, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, no breaks, no “love outages” Just growing stronger in intensity the more time goes on.  I feel whenever I catch him staring at me (ok truth be told when he stares at me sometimes I think he wants to eat me or something…but that’s a whole other story) I feel like I just got crowned “miss universe” Our entire day when we should have been doing something like going out to eat, or watching a movie, I spent mostly switching between feeling hot an cold, and when I had to get up and couldn’t this man was right there physically lifting me onto my feet.  I would take that kind of dedication and comfort over anything else.  We met in SecondLife in 2004 and we’ve seen our shares of tribulations over the years…but we’ve struck a balance that has even myself amazed at times.  We have two wonderful sons, granted they’ve been a handful and its been a struggle with the elder being autistic. There is no one I’d rather face that with than him. He’s my rule-exception, my comfort, my maker of tea, and all my dreams come true. I love you babe ❤

AP collagejpg


on her:

  • hair: Lelutka, Beth
  • dress, BE; cross covered dress [yellow] She & Him event (dress’ alpha had major coverage issues see bottom on where to get a better alpha for dress)
  • shoes: Reila ::: Spike Platform Boots (she & him event)
  • eyelashes: ::Modish:: Petal Lashes (She & him event)
  • featured ring: [HANDverk]Gas Mask Ring.orange

on him: (everything can be found @ The Men’s Dept.)

  • shirt: [Sheep Door] Tongue tank
  • pants: Apple May, Denim Mesh Shorts
  • shoes: [LOVE RE ME]Deck shoes :Green*Yellow*Lightblue
  • necklace: KOSH- Sailor Necklace

The alpha that came with the BE dress had serious butt showing at inopportune times for pics…so Couture’d Bacon is working on getting an alpha up for anyone that reads this for FREE  ASAP! please check out Jadore’s Line here it will be ready an up for you all shortly!)