Social Consciousness

Ive seen my share of the darkness in people, believe me.  On the flip side, I have also seen the light as well.  Many nights the memories have kept me awake, and I am grateful for Jacques’ help and support as I try to bring this horrible underground secret to light.  Every year, many girls lose their lives.  I say it this way, because when you are taken any dreams you had for your future, they die.  Many girls are beaten, some are raped, some die.  We as humans must put our foot down and say to the traffickers “this is UNACCEPTABLE”.  Human trafficking is a very real reality for many girls all over the globe. Children and adults alike.  I spent a long time coming to terms with my past, and I had many supporters along the way, and i weep for those less fortunate then I.  For more information please visit

I spent many years in my early teens as a forced prostitute, and now I am free…but the memories still haunt me… Educate yourself and maybe you too will have a chance to help someone in need.

xoxo Katya

*story is fictitious characters are created for story



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