The Train Ride

The trip was a long time coming.  I had put it off too many times, I simply couldn’t put if off any further.  Whenever I go there I feel their disapproval…and they make me feel like they are always mentally patting themselves on their backs for being “better” then me.  I try to straighten my shoulders and walk proud, but every trip, without fail I go home crying.  I value love, helping our fellow man and being as strong as I can for my own family.  I could never live up to their standards as I simply don’t put any value on “success”.  To me, success is measured far differently, such as how well we love our children, and making others feel good about themselves, not how much money I rake in every year.  With a sigh, I get on the train…and take deep breaths and get ready to face the family I grew up in.  So if you are blessed with parents who care about your welfare and well-being, as opposed to how good you make them look….give them a hug and tell them how much you appreciate them!

In the above photo I wanted to show the differences that a dark vs light skin can make and the differences a base skin with glossy vs. matte lips makes.  Big hand for another awesome creation by Gemini Galatea from Blacklace Beauty!   Visage Summer Sky coming out friday!



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