Facing my fears

“On the other side of fear lies freedom”-Robert Frost

Facing my fears has not been easy, not at all…but ever since I took the first steps in 2005 I have come a long way.

When Im feeling confident, I pick clothes that display elegance, maybe something black, and chic, but when I’ve been through a very hard bumpy patch I will gravitate towards outfits that lighten my mood, bright vibrant colors, maybe I am trying to fool all of you into thinking I am in a good mood, almost as if I was painting on a happy clown face.  At the very least, I found shoes to go with the look, and that bit drove me CRAZZZZYYY let me tell you!  I was originally shown these shoes in the brit flag print by one of my besties, keripants….and i had to buy both, even though my feet look kinda like they are swimming in them.  I have 3 foils in life…bacon, brits, and nautical in that order!  I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of fashion events going on and I almost feel like im being drawn and quartered by my desire to hit all and in trying to do so missing all.  Anyhoo: Im back from the horrible trip and best of all I AM FREE!  One last quote to leave you all with: “Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life” ~ Marcus Aurelius


  • hair: MONS, She02 (the black fair)
  • jumpsuit: GizzA – Tube Jumpsuit [Purple] (limited bazaar)
  • necklace: {{BSD Design Studio}}TrendCaster ‘s necklace (purple)(the black fair): as an aside i played this gacha machine 3x and only got one arghhhh!
  • shoes: [NV] Hell Heels -Pink-  (the black fair)
  • skin: Deesses, Alicia
  • makeup: Pink Acid Pom Pom Lip Shine, (limited bazaar)
  • bag: (Milk Motion) Perfume bottle bag (collabor88) wooo i got in!
  • funky chair:  Abiss, Decadence Armchair – UltraViolet – special edition (mens dept)

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