The coffee here is delicious!

I daydream often…and being in a coffee shop surrounded by the smell of fresh coffee is the doorway to all the many worlds i think up in my head.

Ive been in a whirlwind the past few days trying to get done everything on my to do list and ending up getting absolutely NOTHING done but being a bit sick and miserable.  I did end up with a smile on my face when I checked out these new chairs (go pick them up here!) and smiled even wider when I saw all the ice creams at the Atelier Kreslo’s Ice Cream Festival! I love Ohmai! and had to pick up every single one of her creations as you can see the love and the creativity in each one.  I picked up one of the Arcade owner’s Octagons Yazimoto’s creations as well… makes me proud in a way… GO TEAM ARCADE!  I’m very sad to hear that Anya Ohmai wont be creating for Arcade’s 1 yr anniversary but the genius DOES occasionally need to rest, right? Last but not least I picked up the Canadian Maple one, because I live in Canada, eh! ❤ I just also have to mention that I fell flat and well, heres a girl that went without shoes this post cause I was too bloody tired to find a pair that matched right.  Awesome job, Sakide on your Season’s Hunt 3 dress I absolutely adore it, along with all the jewelry I picked up at L’accessoires! Happy anniversary!  Ooo one more thing: the eyes I have on are my new staple, they too are from Season’s Palette Hunt!


Seasons Hunt Info:

Hunt Item:

*Hunt Date: August 20 – September 10
*Hunt Blog:
*Start location:
*Join the SPH Group in-world: secondlife:///app/group/cdc1bbb1-ebfd-f59b-f6e5-73e95300b165/about



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