Back to the future

Theres no place quite like the future for the perfect accessories!

In light of all the circumstances, as well I must say that there is no better accessory then a best friend…and that’s why I was so happy to get this ring to show off a pic of my closest home-girl Keri, whom I call Keripants affectionately.  There’s nothing I wouldnt do for her, and nothing she wouldnt do for me.  I feel that I wouldnt survive unless I had close friends like her, and not only that, i wouldnt WANT to, either! My girl and I have both been going through a hard time, and so I wanted to say thank you for being there for me, and I hope that I am there just as much for you, and I love you <3!


*this necklace is BEYOND cute! and the creator is a sweetie! go buy it nao! in the dozens!

(also if you like the dress, it will be available soon, feel free to hit me up for it!)


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