Happy Anniversary Arcade!

Congratulating Archie on 1 yr anniversary via pillow fight ❤

That cheeky monkey, Archie is at it again! To celebrate I grabbed a pillow and tried to start a pillow fight with him! I cant tell you how excited I am that the new round has started at the Arcade….Id like to send a warm welcome to all the new mods who have joined us ❤ One of the new mods I would specially like to give a shout out to is Mara…this girl is a total hoot and definitely worth getting to know!  Another awesome mod we all have to thank is Marianne…as head mod she has a full plate and deserves massive praise for all she’s had to do. In other news, Id like to welcome lylanis (ℓүℓ ωιтcн ) to the Couture’d Bacon team…she is now my super awesome Events Coordinator/advertising help/ other stuff 😀 I would also like to bemoan the loss of my iPad, which decided to leap in a massive suicide plunge to the floor from the counter.  I’m in the denial stage of grieving, but I am sure I will be reaching the anger stage soon enough.  This is just one more thing in a long line of crappy things happening to me this summer but it’s not the worst, so I spose there’s that. May all you have super awesome tradings!


  • jumper: .Shi Drape jumper
  • gloves, .Shi, fingerless gloves (arcade!)
  • glasses, [glow] Deer Glasses (arcade)
  • pillow fight pose, click #1 (arcade)
  • shoes, ingenue, Pickford heels (collabor88)
  • necklace, DECO – MESH Marilyn Pearls (collabor88)

I am sorry, I have NO idea where Archie’s smashing outfit is from, you will have to ask HIM 😀

For all of you who are wanting to shop at the arcade an alternative location to shop from, go HERE