Finding the beauty within

There’s one thing that I will be eternally grateful to second life for…and that is over the years…it has molded my thoughts on beauty.  I spent so many years knowing people before seeing what they looked like, that I developed a special sense of beauty.  That is, being able to see the good inside a person before ever making face to face contact to judge them differently.  That I am inspired by folks whose hearts shine brighter than perhaps their smile in real life, but it doesn’t matter because their hearts shine so bright it overshadows their outward appearance.  That said, being able to perceive how one’s heart truly is there are those with ugly hearts as well, but that is true everywhere.  Where do YOU find beauty? I find beauty in a caring gesture after one is hurt, beauty in time given to heal others wounds whether they be emotional or physical. I  find beauty in the rain, and in the clouds, and in the setting sun.  Take a moment out of your rushed lives to look around you, and find beauty where you may not have seen it before.