On the boardwalk

It was quite a hectic day, let me tell you and I am pretty sure I learned my lesson.  Even seagulls love bacon…thats right I had to run from a particularly persistent and hungry seagull, and the lesson was: Never EVER wear your bacon perfume around animals …EVERRRR.  I am obsessed, but making myself smell so good was BOUND to cause issues.  As an aside, this sim is gorgeous, but not gorgeous enough to pay insane prices on renting.  The cost for renting a shop in this sim is wellll over double any normal priced place.  So if you like it well enough to pay out your nose, more power to you 😀  The shirt is a new release from the ever-cute store Eyelure and I definitely stole these aphorism shorts from my guy friend’s closet…I did it while he was sleepin…please don’t tell!

When I saw this hands free camera I literally fell in love…In fact I like it so much i may have it permanently attached to my head!  The other sooo awesome thing I have is the group gift from Balaclava, it comes in a few different version but of course I had to wear the 5 letter one, cause I HAD to have it say “BACON”! Have a good weekend!


  • Shirt: Eyelure, Cropoff tee
  • pants: !Aphorism! Boyfriend Shorts
  • shoes: Revanche Privileged Wedges (avenue fashion week)
  • necklace: BALACLAVA!! Typewriter Keys Necklace (5Letters)
  • eyepiece: RO – Photographers Eye – Closed (fameshed)
  • hair: . Liquence . – F5
  • makeup: MONS / Makeups – Eyeliner Print – blackmetal

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