I don’t tell her everything

It can be a lonely life….sure there is a lot of travel involved but honestly I enjoy the sights I wouldn’t want to switch to something else for the world.  I would have to say knives are easily my weapon of choice, sure its messy, sure you have to get up close, but i have been able to take out several this way and slip away before anyone ever noticed that mark was dead. Recently though, I have picked up a lil tag-along

I met her in a club in Paris awhile back, and ever since I have taken her along for the ride…different city every week. She’s the perfect cover and she doesn’t even know my real name.  She is a lil firecracker and fun diversion in the downtime.  I took her to one of the countryside safe-houses while I was working out the details of my next hit. One afternoon I caught her near my weapons cache I had to put a lil fear in her to keep her away from that area.  I think she got the idea that I was serious.  I simply cant afford to have my cover blown, it would take too much time to clean up.

outfit him:

outfit her:


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