The Gang’s all here!

I am much relieved to report that Gemini Galatea is back, her absence leaving a glaring hole while she was gone.  She’s got two new makeups out and I am thrilled to show off one of the options of one today…and SO MUCH NEWS *gasps* I don’t know how I will remember it all to tell you! Imma give it my best shot, though so hopefully will be able to get it all out!  First and foremost, my dear friend Smash Drezelan owner and creator extraordinaire of  [Wolf&I] will be teaming up, and sometime in the near future will have a shared space where you can find both Couture’d Bacon and Wolf&I goodies!  Check out her store on the MP *HERE*

More fun still to be had, as well as Couture’d Bacon is participating in Atooly’s Fall Event with a turkey shirt for the men and fall themed sweaters for the girls… Go check it out!

Couture’d Bacon is also participating in 3 upcoming hunts, in this order:

Couture’d Bacon is looking for bloggers, and also a manager, as my thought process is sketchy at best and I could really use help keeping organized and on schedule for these hunts, so if you are an organized person, would love to have some help!

OH MY! see? I almost forgot! From the wonderfully creative Aphorism team some great news! “We have just opened our first !APHORISM! inworld store! As a special promotion to celebrate, we are sending all of our inworld and subscriber group members a free pair of jeans! This promotion will expire on 9th November, 12 noon SLT”  So get your jeans HERE!  

Hugs ‘n kisses!


pose: Del May – Miss ornamental


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