Calm before the Storm

I have been wayyy behind on blogging lately due to focusing my efforts on getting The Pier Market started…and maybe a lil bit sidetracked for a short time writing larger-ish chunks of the fiction story that has been in my head.  Am I allowed to be proud of myself that I managed to pull this all together with Smash being gone?  I do not know how I did, as she really keeps me on task and I had to really struggle to keep myself on task but…I did it! If the Pier Market was a present its reached the “ready to open” stage and in 4 oops, 5 days I will be excitedly watching everyone come shop there!  So big thank you to the vendors, who are as large a part of this as the venue itself, I am glad to be working with you! The bloggers who will be our trumpeters letting everyone know it has finally opened, I am excited to see what you have to say.

The Pier Market starts on January 20th and features Wolf&I, xX Second Star, Loordes of London, Eyelure, Liv Glam, free bird, L!KE, the Phoenix Collection, DruWear Designs, StoraxTree, Reverie, Grumble and Couture’d Bacon ❤ Cant wait to see you there!

As an aside, I love this store Cashmere and Keane, maybe with enough cajoling we can get him involved in The Pier Market, eh? 😛