Pre-event Jitters

It has been nearly three weeks since Smash has been gone and I am really worried about her.  It feels downright odd to face opening night without her…she is, after all my Pier Market partner in crime.  Either way, I am really looking forward to starting off 2014 with some really awesome creators I might not have ever met if it weren’t for the Pier Market.  I knew of the owners of Oceania but had no idea they ran a store named Free Bird… then Loordes of London, well who hasn’t heard of that store? Thumper aka PaulCook of Reverie is slightly dark and gothic and it shows in his clothing….and of course Willow of Eyelure whom I discovered awhile back and have loved blogging for.  We also have DruWear, Phoenix Collections, Grumble and StoraxTree rounding out an amazing set of designers.  I met Mara who runs xXSecond Star through moderating arcade gacha and kept her creative rear around and I consider her a close friend…who knows what friendships will come from running this event? We will see!

Just wanted to show off some of the exciting releases from our designers, shake off some pre-opening jitters and excitedly tell you all The Pier Market opens tonight @ Midnight SLT!

Pier Market Items!

  • outfit: Eyelure Sash Yogas
  • backpack: Grumble-Cyber Pack-Red

ps…sorry about the line in the bag I couldn’t fix the line even if I tried, however it was a graphical error not a line in the actual bag