Calm before the Storm

I have been wayyy behind on blogging lately due to focusing my efforts on getting The Pier Market started…and maybe a lil bit sidetracked for a short time writing larger-ish chunks of the fiction story that has been in my head.  Am I allowed to be proud of myself that I managed to pull this all together with Smash being gone?  I do not know how I did, as she really keeps me on task and I had to really struggle to keep myself on task but…I did it! If the Pier Market was a present its reached the “ready to open” stage and in 4 oops, 5 days I will be excitedly watching everyone come shop there!  So big thank you to the vendors, who are as large a part of this as the venue itself, I am glad to be working with you! The bloggers who will be our trumpeters letting everyone know it has finally opened, I am excited to see what you have to say.

The Pier Market starts on January 20th and features Wolf&I, xX Second Star, Loordes of London, Eyelure, Liv Glam, free bird, L!KE, the Phoenix Collection, DruWear Designs, StoraxTree, Reverie, Grumble and Couture’d Bacon ❤ Cant wait to see you there!

As an aside, I love this store Cashmere and Keane, maybe with enough cajoling we can get him involved in The Pier Market, eh? 😛



The coffee here is delicious!

I daydream often…and being in a coffee shop surrounded by the smell of fresh coffee is the doorway to all the many worlds i think up in my head.

Ive been in a whirlwind the past few days trying to get done everything on my to do list and ending up getting absolutely NOTHING done but being a bit sick and miserable.  I did end up with a smile on my face when I checked out these new chairs (go pick them up here!) and smiled even wider when I saw all the ice creams at the Atelier Kreslo’s Ice Cream Festival! I love Ohmai! and had to pick up every single one of her creations as you can see the love and the creativity in each one.  I picked up one of the Arcade owner’s Octagons Yazimoto’s creations as well… makes me proud in a way… GO TEAM ARCADE!  I’m very sad to hear that Anya Ohmai wont be creating for Arcade’s 1 yr anniversary but the genius DOES occasionally need to rest, right? Last but not least I picked up the Canadian Maple one, because I live in Canada, eh! ❤ I just also have to mention that I fell flat and well, heres a girl that went without shoes this post cause I was too bloody tired to find a pair that matched right.  Awesome job, Sakide on your Season’s Hunt 3 dress I absolutely adore it, along with all the jewelry I picked up at L’accessoires! Happy anniversary!  Ooo one more thing: the eyes I have on are my new staple, they too are from Season’s Palette Hunt!


Seasons Hunt Info:

Hunt Item:

*Hunt Date: August 20 – September 10
*Hunt Blog:
*Start location:
*Join the SPH Group in-world: secondlife:///app/group/cdc1bbb1-ebfd-f59b-f6e5-73e95300b165/about


Til you get home…

Til you get homeThe past week and a half has been incredibly hard for me…not ONLY because of all the hospital trips and whatnot and the difficulty walking, but ALSO because one of my dearest friends of all time has been away visiting the beast that is her significant other in RL.  IM SO ENVIOUS OF HIM RIGHT NOW! Only, however cause he gets to be with her in RL.  Anyhoo… darling Keri I can’t wait for you to get home and come shopping with me you are missing out on all sorts of good finds at this weeks SL Fashion week, Chapter 4, new releases..etc., etc… you get the picture.  As an incentive I have something waiting for you when you come home:

keri pressieLots of love, keripants!


  • hair: [monso] My Hair – Amy/ Cookie Pack (fameshed)
  • coverup: Zaara, Ria (sunrise)
  • bracelets R arm: Erratic, triangle stacked bangles (50L friday)
  • ring R hand: [okkbye] Rad Ring – Smiley: Stache (collabor88)
  • sunglasses: +>A&A<+ Moody Mooners – Sad
  • necklace: :NuDoLu: Portable de Matriochka Ruban orange (gacha) (chapter 4)
  • knee bandages: NEO** Knee tattoo – band2- Bbiyak (also chapter 4 gacha)
  • bikini: ~Sassy!~ Polkadot Bikini (fist pump with the best hunt check post July1)