Bright World

(snippets of Baby’s story cut down for blog format :D)

I’m excited and nervous at the same time.  Tonquin told me while we are at this planet I’ll be getting facial implants that glow based on mood.  I have seen them on others and they are pretty!  Of course he also laughs and says that not many get them implanted in their slaves, but I think I see that Tonquin doesn’t much care what others think bout him.  I’ve been with him for almost a year and I am relieved to say all the x’s on the back of my neck have been removed now, I’m no longer marked.  It was hard walking around with them on my neck like I should be dead.  Genie is gone now as well I heard her throwing stuff around and the next day she was gone.  Tonquin says it’s just as well.  I feel kind of silly now that I’ve gotten used to space, I was so scared my first trip now I see how great it is to be away from my home planet and so much to see.  I still have terrible nightmares  but the farther away from my home planet the less they come… the men with no smiles come and shock me, it makes me wake up screaming more times than I can count.  Tonquin has started giving me pills to help me sleep better at night without having the terrible dreams.  He says at some point he needs to go back there but the thought makes it hard for me to breath…I don’t ever want to go back there.

Baby’s Look:

poses, Del May, Strip Chic and Don’t Breath Out

and if anyone is interested in reading more, CLICK HERE


The Gang’s all here!

I am much relieved to report that Gemini Galatea is back, her absence leaving a glaring hole while she was gone.  She’s got two new makeups out and I am thrilled to show off one of the options of one today…and SO MUCH NEWS *gasps* I don’t know how I will remember it all to tell you! Imma give it my best shot, though so hopefully will be able to get it all out!  First and foremost, my dear friend Smash Drezelan owner and creator extraordinaire of  [Wolf&I] will be teaming up, and sometime in the near future will have a shared space where you can find both Couture’d Bacon and Wolf&I goodies!  Check out her store on the MP *HERE*

More fun still to be had, as well as Couture’d Bacon is participating in Atooly’s Fall Event with a turkey shirt for the men and fall themed sweaters for the girls… Go check it out!

Couture’d Bacon is also participating in 3 upcoming hunts, in this order:

Couture’d Bacon is looking for bloggers, and also a manager, as my thought process is sketchy at best and I could really use help keeping organized and on schedule for these hunts, so if you are an organized person, would love to have some help!

OH MY! see? I almost forgot! From the wonderfully creative Aphorism team some great news! “We have just opened our first !APHORISM! inworld store! As a special promotion to celebrate, we are sending all of our inworld and subscriber group members a free pair of jeans! This promotion will expire on 9th November, 12 noon SLT”  So get your jeans HERE!  

Hugs ‘n kisses!


pose: Del May – Miss ornamental

Finding the beauty within

There’s one thing that I will be eternally grateful to second life for…and that is over the years…it has molded my thoughts on beauty.  I spent so many years knowing people before seeing what they looked like, that I developed a special sense of beauty.  That is, being able to see the good inside a person before ever making face to face contact to judge them differently.  That I am inspired by folks whose hearts shine brighter than perhaps their smile in real life, but it doesn’t matter because their hearts shine so bright it overshadows their outward appearance.  That said, being able to perceive how one’s heart truly is there are those with ugly hearts as well, but that is true everywhere.  Where do YOU find beauty? I find beauty in a caring gesture after one is hurt, beauty in time given to heal others wounds whether they be emotional or physical. I  find beauty in the rain, and in the clouds, and in the setting sun.  Take a moment out of your rushed lives to look around you, and find beauty where you may not have seen it before.


Back to the future

Theres no place quite like the future for the perfect accessories!

In light of all the circumstances, as well I must say that there is no better accessory then a best friend…and that’s why I was so happy to get this ring to show off a pic of my closest home-girl Keri, whom I call Keripants affectionately.  There’s nothing I wouldnt do for her, and nothing she wouldnt do for me.  I feel that I wouldnt survive unless I had close friends like her, and not only that, i wouldnt WANT to, either! My girl and I have both been going through a hard time, and so I wanted to say thank you for being there for me, and I hope that I am there just as much for you, and I love you <3!


*this necklace is BEYOND cute! and the creator is a sweetie! go buy it nao! in the dozens!

(also if you like the dress, it will be available soon, feel free to hit me up for it!)

The Train Ride

The trip was a long time coming.  I had put it off too many times, I simply couldn’t put if off any further.  Whenever I go there I feel their disapproval…and they make me feel like they are always mentally patting themselves on their backs for being “better” then me.  I try to straighten my shoulders and walk proud, but every trip, without fail I go home crying.  I value love, helping our fellow man and being as strong as I can for my own family.  I could never live up to their standards as I simply don’t put any value on “success”.  To me, success is measured far differently, such as how well we love our children, and making others feel good about themselves, not how much money I rake in every year.  With a sigh, I get on the train…and take deep breaths and get ready to face the family I grew up in.  So if you are blessed with parents who care about your welfare and well-being, as opposed to how good you make them look….give them a hug and tell them how much you appreciate them!

In the above photo I wanted to show the differences that a dark vs light skin can make and the differences a base skin with glossy vs. matte lips makes.  Big hand for another awesome creation by Gemini Galatea from Blacklace Beauty!   Visage Summer Sky coming out friday!


In the Navy

In the NavyWhen doing a USO show for the boys on a ship its important to keep yourself properly hydrated…thats why when I heard about these straw glasses I just HAD to have them…they stayed on my face wonderfully as I did my performance!  As always I had the lovely Gemini Galatea do my makeup for the show she never lets me down…and is such a beautiful soul to boot! *smiles as she salutes* Last but not least, I adore that the photographer got those big ole guns behind me…’cause I’m gunnin’ for you, doll!Naval SilliesWithout further ado, tips from my show’s costume designer:

  • makeup: Blacklace Beauty, Visage – Harlow (cosmetic fair)
  • glasses/straw: VCO – Cocktail Pack( pink aid) RARE
  • outfit: *VoguE* Galliano blue
  • hat:  BCC.sui hat Navy Marine [Rare]
  • hair: Vanity, Candice
  • shoes, BSD Serendipity (heads up, these may or may not have been an event item, i cant remember, im sorry)
  • freckles: theSkinnery (summerfest)

both the straw glasses and the hat can be found at a totally rad gacha location by tping *HERE*


Upcoming birthdays!

Blog birthday fullSo this month has, so far been havin its ups and downs but one thing is for sure, the arcade gacha this round has been a complete epic win.  Ive made awesome friends amongst the moderators, traded with em, and even shared blog links! I may be gettin another year older this month but at least its a good month to do so! So I would have to say even though it hasnt happened yet its been a really GREAT birthday! 17 more days! wooo so excitin! birthday bracelet1This eyelash makeup from Blacklace Beauty is sooo nice who knew you could wear makeup eyelashes? I didn’t but now i KNOW she totally pulled it off! thanks Gemini! Also in this picture is one of my new fave bracelets EVER a friendship bracelet from the gacha from one of my newest friends, Kat Glitterbuck! Thanks Kat! you rock!birthday closeupNow my lil unicorn friend, tell them to all come for cake! we shall party hard and have bacon cupcakes an arcade gacha goodies!


  • dress: Loovus Dzevavor JPG Gown (couturiers docks)
  • hair: Clawtooth (arcade gacha)
  • bracelets: *boom* and baiastice cuff (arcade gacha)
  • necklace: [ glow ], Colourful beaded row necklace (surfing days) (arcade gacha)
  • makeup: Blacklace Beauty, Lashes 1
  • teeth: PXL (blogged earlier)
  • purse: [HANDverk]Mermaid’s Purse.starfish.pansy (arcade gacha)