Happy Anniversary Arcade!

Congratulating Archie on 1 yr anniversary via pillow fight ❤

That cheeky monkey, Archie is at it again! To celebrate I grabbed a pillow and tried to start a pillow fight with him! I cant tell you how excited I am that the new round has started at the Arcade….Id like to send a warm welcome to all the new mods who have joined us ❤ One of the new mods I would specially like to give a shout out to is Mara…this girl is a total hoot and definitely worth getting to know!  Another awesome mod we all have to thank is Marianne…as head mod she has a full plate and deserves massive praise for all she’s had to do. In other news, Id like to welcome lylanis (ℓүℓ ωιтcн ) to the Couture’d Bacon team…she is now my super awesome Events Coordinator/advertising help/ other stuff 😀 I would also like to bemoan the loss of my iPad, which decided to leap in a massive suicide plunge to the floor from the counter.  I’m in the denial stage of grieving, but I am sure I will be reaching the anger stage soon enough.  This is just one more thing in a long line of crappy things happening to me this summer but it’s not the worst, so I spose there’s that. May all you have super awesome tradings!


  • jumper: .Shi Drape jumper
  • gloves, .Shi, fingerless gloves (arcade!)
  • glasses, [glow] Deer Glasses (arcade)
  • pillow fight pose, click #1 (arcade)
  • shoes, ingenue, Pickford heels (collabor88)
  • necklace, DECO – MESH Marilyn Pearls (collabor88)

I am sorry, I have NO idea where Archie’s smashing outfit is from, you will have to ask HIM 😀

For all of you who are wanting to shop at the arcade an alternative location to shop from, go HERE

Summer day in the countryside

Summer DayjpgThe folks back home were sure surprised when I pulled up in my brand new Hucci roadster! My job in the big city continues to amaze whenever I come home with more stories ’bout running into this or that celeb.  I couldn’t resist grabbing an I-scream choco bear cone while I was home though, there’s nothing like em in the city.  I also loved telling them all about how much fun it is to shop at SL fashion week, but I don’t think they can fully understand the excitement you get from brushing shoulders with famous models!  Anyhoo, that’s all for now, I am sure I’ll have plenty more stories and pics from my travels!


  • top and shorts: Erratic briony(shorts) and cary (tanks)
  • headphones: (fd) Radio Headphones, Floral Mint (only few days left of arcade!)
  • shoes: Slink, tri-colour wedges seaside (need medium mesh feet as well)
  • nail polish: blackliquid slink nail applier (cosmetic fair)
  • eye makeup: [KOOQLA] NY Summer Shadows 06 (cosmetic fair)
  • lipstick: Glamorize New Occasion Lips, Pink Salmon (cosmetic fair)
  • bag: Deco  MESH Kelly Tote (distressedbluejay) (arcade gacha)
  • ice cream: u.f.o, i scream, you scream – choco bear (arcade gacha)
  • sunglasses: [whatever] sunglasses – rosa

Oh my! Epic Gym Fail!

epicgymfailjpgSo as with many of my fellow SL’ers Ive been puttin off goin to the gym…So if i cant rectify it in rl, well i thought, pshawww doin it in SL is just as good innit? No? SURELY you jest! 🙂 Anyhoo I found that I was JUST as uncoordinated in SL at the gym as I would be in rl…how is this even POSSIBLE? *sighs* …i may just need a trainer…

So I decided to stick with somethin I couldnt SERIOUSLY hurt myself doing…at least if I do i wont feel it right away *groans*  So Ill leave you lovelies with one final pic…my reward a fabulous drink from the gym refreshment bar a nice, sweet, juice smoothy!Gym Restjpg

  • Hair: Tram C407 hair / creamyellow
  • Outfit: Gizza Work Out (bought at limited bazaar is sold out but you can still pick up same thing in store! yay!)
  • Shoes: DECO – MESH Thunder Bolt left (greyorange)
  • drink: [y] Cup – Mix Juice Orange Bee RARE (gacha item) xy event