The Surf, The Sand, The Hunt

I absolutely LIIIVE for the ocean….as soon as my bare feet hit the sand I feel like a little kid all over again.

Of course, as I get older my need to pamper those toes that hit the sand is slightly more pressing a need.   I find an absolutely to DIE for …a place where when you get a pedicure you are transported as if to heaven! But I digress… I am making sure to get as much beach time in as possible before the summer is over….and you can feel fall creeping in …its fingers brushing gently over your skin and giving you goosebumps!  I think right before fall hits is almost the near perfect time to hit the beach…the sand retaining its warmth and keeping those shivers at bay.  I think I even spotted a whale!


  • poses: Elephante poses, fully alive (colors of summer hunt)
  • top: [DandelionWine] Mesh Swimsuit (COS hunt)
  • skirt: {ZINAS} Summer Blues Mini Skirt (COS hunt) (hud w/3 color changer!)
  • slink nail appliers: Atooly (COS hunt, nails and feet, 6 colors!)
  • hair: Emo-tions, windblown hair# 5

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Girls in the Wind

windygirls blogFrom left to right in that photo: Jadore Poutine, Scarlett Luv, and Chopsy Bode

When Jadore saw this picture she referred to it as “the three furies” which made me chuckle as the most Jadore could muster fury wise is “slightly miffed”…same goes for Chopsy 😀 I COULD pull off the fury of two…but between all three of us we’d only get to roughly 2 1/3 furies.  So I couldnt bring myself to call the pic “the 2 1/3 furies” it just didnt have the same ring to it.  Anyhoo… after we brought some rage we went off to dose ourselves with bacon and visit Bryn Oh’s Immersiva  

Go vist! be amazed! Chops runninChops taking off when she heard it was time for her solo pose…*sighs*

windy scarI luffs me some ocean!

Dresses: AD Creations

Hair: EMO-tions