The Charity Gig

Dear Rockers Mag,

Took some time out to wish you all well! Went on a world tour that changed my outlook on clothes a bit, a bit of influence from Italy and Japan, and I have loved every minute of it! I stopped in a small club along the way to do a charity gig for my fave cause…  I love this cause because life was rough growing up and books created worlds that kept me going through all the rough times.  I think all kids need an outlet whether it be for their imagination or just to have a place to escape to if reality gets too heavy.  It has been a whirlwind of travel since you heard from me, been busy performing!  Sending you some “pre show” pics of the charity gig…I often like to go out on the stage and get a feel for the room before its filled with fans…I love the quiet before the storm so to speak and then feel the change when all that energy is in the room!  Have a good Halloween!

~Scarlett Stinger


  • hair: .Olive. the Elisa (sl fashion week)
  • shirt and pants: erratic, keira shirt ally pants *new!
  • necklace: *Tentacio* Bitacora necklace surf version 2 (bitacora travel fair)
  • shoes: BSD, Carpe diem (sl fashion week)
  • makeup: La Malvada Mujer – warrior #5 (cosmetic fair)
  • guitar case & poses: :: Axix :: TravelerRocker (bitacora travel fair)

The Cell-shaded Girl

I wasnt always as real as you are.  For a long time I only existed on paper..the figment of an artist’s imagination.  One day I had enough…I was sick of being the brunt of literary foibles intended to make the reader gasp, and feel sorry for me…just a girl drawn on paper.  The more I thought about it, the more unfair it felt… only being there to be used to have the “hero” come running and take center stage.  Believe me, it was no picnic pickin’ up for that chump between scenes what with him being a raging alcoholic and all when noone was looking. If I had to stand around and wait to be “saved” by his stumbling rear ONE MORE TIME I would SCREAM.  I guess you could say the final straw was being sent to sanitarium by the villain as a way to get the “hero” to come to the scene…but how could he come if I was never around to sober him up to begin with? Thats right! Truth be told, I like it better on this side…the comic who drew me’s brother isnt half as misogynistic as he was…I get a chance to be normal and enjoy normal things like taking bike rides and arguing who gets to pick up the tab that night!


  • shirt: ILLMATIC :: Leather Assasian Sweater (sl fashion week)
  • pants: erratic, zoey leather pants
  • overskirt: ILLMATIC :: Extended Paisley Kilt (sl fashion week)
  • shoes: VCO – Mona high sneakers (seasons story)
  • bag: blackLiquid BAG – Gladstone (hunt@ NYC sim)
  • hair: lelutka, Seiko

Summer in the City


We are just a couple of lower east side girls tryin to make it in the world to make our families proud. Adanna to my right, she certainly did make her parents proud with her record store…and I….I run my own boutique with fashions from around the globe hand picked by me.  I enjoy being the girl that makes everyone in my family look good, and you know I keep my homegirl Adanna lookin straight up bangin’!

outfits on Scarlett:

  • shirt: .Shi, fur pullover
  • pants, erratic zoey leather pants
  • boots, Milk Motion, biker boots
  • clutch, Pure Poison, Diamonds Apple Clutch
  • jewelry, Pure Poison, Marina (l’accessoires July)
  • skin: Deesses, Alicia  & slink appliers (new)

dress on Keri:

  • dress, Blink2Wink, Maxi dress (nla former designer circle)


Til you get home…

Til you get homeThe past week and a half has been incredibly hard for me…not ONLY because of all the hospital trips and whatnot and the difficulty walking, but ALSO because one of my dearest friends of all time has been away visiting the beast that is her significant other in RL.  IM SO ENVIOUS OF HIM RIGHT NOW! Only, however cause he gets to be with her in RL.  Anyhoo… darling Keri I can’t wait for you to get home and come shopping with me you are missing out on all sorts of good finds at this weeks SL Fashion week, Chapter 4, new releases..etc., etc… you get the picture.  As an incentive I have something waiting for you when you come home:

keri pressieLots of love, keripants!


  • hair: [monso] My Hair – Amy/ Cookie Pack (fameshed)
  • coverup: Zaara, Ria (sunrise)
  • bracelets R arm: Erratic, triangle stacked bangles (50L friday)
  • ring R hand: [okkbye] Rad Ring – Smiley: Stache (collabor88)
  • sunglasses: +>A&A<+ Moody Mooners – Sad
  • necklace: :NuDoLu: Portable de Matriochka Ruban orange (gacha) (chapter 4)
  • knee bandages: NEO** Knee tattoo – band2- Bbiyak (also chapter 4 gacha)
  • bikini: ~Sassy!~ Polkadot Bikini (fist pump with the best hunt check post July1)

Summer day in the countryside

Summer DayjpgThe folks back home were sure surprised when I pulled up in my brand new Hucci roadster! My job in the big city continues to amaze whenever I come home with more stories ’bout running into this or that celeb.  I couldn’t resist grabbing an I-scream choco bear cone while I was home though, there’s nothing like em in the city.  I also loved telling them all about how much fun it is to shop at SL fashion week, but I don’t think they can fully understand the excitement you get from brushing shoulders with famous models!  Anyhoo, that’s all for now, I am sure I’ll have plenty more stories and pics from my travels!


  • top and shorts: Erratic briony(shorts) and cary (tanks)
  • headphones: (fd) Radio Headphones, Floral Mint (only few days left of arcade!)
  • shoes: Slink, tri-colour wedges seaside (need medium mesh feet as well)
  • nail polish: blackliquid slink nail applier (cosmetic fair)
  • eye makeup: [KOOQLA] NY Summer Shadows 06 (cosmetic fair)
  • lipstick: Glamorize New Occasion Lips, Pink Salmon (cosmetic fair)
  • bag: Deco  MESH Kelly Tote (distressedbluejay) (arcade gacha)
  • ice cream: u.f.o, i scream, you scream – choco bear (arcade gacha)
  • sunglasses: [whatever] sunglasses – rosa

Frustrated, Inc.

dangyouslblogThe storm clouds are brewin’! I literally took LOADS of sooo cute pictures last night for todays blog post some which featured a certain cutie named calvin in his lil soapbox car and when i went to work on them today…THEY WERENT THERE! I was soooo upset, as I lost pictures i took of myself with my darling Lemon as well 😦  DANG YOU SL! what have you done with my awesomeees? Ok, so maybe it is my fault but I’m just going to be angry and point fingers elsewhere this morning, ok? Anyyhooo heres the brilliant outfit that I put together for today!dangyouslfullblogoutfit:

  • shirt: erratic,  mindy – tshirt / waves teal
  • pants: Maitreya BF Jeans
  • boots: (fd) Bossy Boots – Wingtip Teal (arcade gacha) (toe spikes rare gacha)
  • hair: Clawtooth, That Pretty Lady – CaramelCream (rare arcade gacha item)
  • bag: ASO! Marine Trico Bag S (arcade gacha)