Facing my fears

“On the other side of fear lies freedom”-Robert Frost

Facing my fears has not been easy, not at all…but ever since I took the first steps in 2005 I have come a long way.

When Im feeling confident, I pick clothes that display elegance, maybe something black, and chic, but when I’ve been through a very hard bumpy patch I will gravitate towards outfits that lighten my mood, bright vibrant colors, maybe I am trying to fool all of you into thinking I am in a good mood, almost as if I was painting on a happy clown face.  At the very least, I found shoes to go with the look, and that bit drove me CRAZZZZYYY let me tell you!  I was originally shown these shoes in the brit flag print by one of my besties, keripants….and i had to buy both, even though my feet look kinda like they are swimming in them.  I have 3 foils in life…bacon, brits, and nautical in that order!  I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of fashion events going on and I almost feel like im being drawn and quartered by my desire to hit all and in trying to do so missing all.  Anyhoo: Im back from the horrible trip and best of all I AM FREE!  One last quote to leave you all with: “Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life” ~ Marcus Aurelius


  • hair: MONS, She02 (the black fair)
  • jumpsuit: GizzA – Tube Jumpsuit [Purple] (limited bazaar)
  • necklace: {{BSD Design Studio}}TrendCaster ‘s necklace (purple)(the black fair): as an aside i played this gacha machine 3x and only got one arghhhh!
  • shoes: [NV] Hell Heels -Pink-  (the black fair)
  • skin: Deesses, Alicia
  • makeup: Pink Acid Pom Pom Lip Shine, (limited bazaar)
  • bag: (Milk Motion) Perfume bottle bag (collabor88) wooo i got in!
  • funky chair:  Abiss, Decadence Armchair – UltraViolet – special edition (mens dept)

Weekend goodies!

Party timeI love that its a major fashion release weekend! Lots of goodies, from Fashion Limited, SL Fashion Week and  L’accessoires!pursecloseup1The purse is fantastic as you can click it and change the color of the flower!

shoecloseup1Another yay from BSD!


  • jacket and skirt: GizzA, Flora Outfit (fashion limited)
  • bag: MaxiGossamer  Denim Daisy (fashion limited)
  • shoes: BSD enlightenment yellow (sl fashion week)
  • necklace:  MANDALA YAKUSHI
  • hair: Miss C, Fer (fashion limited)
  • makeup: Pink Acid Candy Glass Gloss (fashion limited)

Oh my! Epic Gym Fail!

epicgymfailjpgSo as with many of my fellow SL’ers Ive been puttin off goin to the gym…So if i cant rectify it in rl, well i thought, pshawww doin it in SL is just as good innit? No? SURELY you jest! 🙂 Anyhoo I found that I was JUST as uncoordinated in SL at the gym as I would be in rl…how is this even POSSIBLE? *sighs* …i may just need a trainer…

So I decided to stick with somethin I couldnt SERIOUSLY hurt myself doing…at least if I do i wont feel it right away *groans*  So Ill leave you lovelies with one final pic…my reward a fabulous drink from the gym refreshment bar a nice, sweet, juice smoothy!Gym Restjpg

  • Hair: Tram C407 hair / creamyellow
  • Outfit: Gizza Work Out (bought at limited bazaar is sold out but you can still pick up same thing in store! yay!)
  • Shoes: DECO – MESH Thunder Bolt left (greyorange)
  • drink: [y] Cup – Mix Juice Orange Bee RARE (gacha item) xy event