Bright World

(snippets of Baby’s story cut down for blog format :D)

I’m excited and nervous at the same time.  Tonquin told me while we are at this planet I’ll be getting facial implants that glow based on mood.  I have seen them on others and they are pretty!  Of course he also laughs and says that not many get them implanted in their slaves, but I think I see that Tonquin doesn’t much care what others think bout him.  I’ve been with him for almost a year and I am relieved to say all the x’s on the back of my neck have been removed now, I’m no longer marked.  It was hard walking around with them on my neck like I should be dead.  Genie is gone now as well I heard her throwing stuff around and the next day she was gone.  Tonquin says it’s just as well.  I feel kind of silly now that I’ve gotten used to space, I was so scared my first trip now I see how great it is to be away from my home planet and so much to see.  I still have terrible nightmares  but the farther away from my home planet the less they come… the men with no smiles come and shock me, it makes me wake up screaming more times than I can count.  Tonquin has started giving me pills to help me sleep better at night without having the terrible dreams.  He says at some point he needs to go back there but the thought makes it hard for me to breath…I don’t ever want to go back there.

Baby’s Look:

poses, Del May, Strip Chic and Don’t Breath Out

and if anyone is interested in reading more, CLICK HERE

The Pleasure of Purple

The end is near

I am swept up along with a lot of folks with the flurry of last-minute arcade shopping.  The end of the year anniversary round is right around the corner and I sit here in a panic and think..”but i don’t have this…or that…oh oh! or THAT!”.  I am sure a lot of you too, are trying to get your collection complete as well…and I am feeling the wonderful generosity of folks giving extras away to those that need them…I had help with my pics as I asked for the purple floorplan record player and I am grateful for the help I have gotten to make this pic possible!

I’m excited to tell you about…

I came across a wonderful creator by chance today and I am really excited to show off one of her dresses and makeup today.  It was hard to get the detail of the little design on the front of the dress in my pic but its mega cute.  I hope you all get a chance to go see the store for yourself so many goodies there!  Its fall which means we will get to see sweaters and jackets and I can’t wait!  I have to gush about this new necklace from Glow as well …I loooove it! so many color choices so if this color doesn’t work for you go look for one that does!


  • dress: Eyelure Tank Dress  Medallion Purple
  • shoes: Miamai Jackie’o wedges (used wood) (slink feet needed) (l’accessoires)
  • necklace: [glow] Moon Statment Necklace Mesh (new! awesome! full of win!)
  • hair: MINA Hair – Patricia (the Deck)
  • makeup: Eyelure Liquid Shadow  PURPLE
  • bunny ears: +Half-Deer+ Velven Bunny Ears (Stardust Plum)

props from Arcade Gacha:

  • floorplan. record player / plum
  • (Moonshadow) Pwnie Floppy ~silentsparrow~
  • (NO) Ooga-Mooga Tiki Mug – Purple
  • +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (Faerie Deer) RARE
  • -tb- Bon Voyage – Suitcase Clutter RARE
  • held: (Lolli) Pwnie Holding ~silentsparrow~

…And the haul was Epic!


I always wanted to pose with a big “S” for Scarlett…and now I can cross that off my bucket list!  I decided my skybox home needed a better security system and what better way to defend my home then making the bad guys from Dr. Who be like my guard dogs?  We have Hopscotch’s Lonely Assassin, Pssst, and Delete all guarding my place in the sky.  You can also see my mostly full suitcase from -tb-….now the question is am I coming from or going to somewhere? ILL NEVER TELL!  Theres nothing more exciting to me then the first week of Arcade.  I’ve said it before, but It is sooo like Christmas!  Besides making sure the collections I want are complete, one of my favorite things to do is to find things I know my friends will like and drop it on them.  I think a lot of others get the same joy out of helping others get their lists completed too, I’m not the only one!


  • hair: Wasabi pills Robin (fameshed)
  • outfit: Valentina E Sloane (fameshed)
  • boots: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Rider Boots (arcade gacha)
  • bunny ears, Half-Deer, birthday (secret) (arcade gacha)
  • S object: oOo Studio: Alphabet S (arcade gacha)

various arcade gacha goodies: lamp in background Trompe Loleil, Hopscotch Lonely Assassin, -tb- Bon Voyage – Suitcase Clutter RARE, Schadenfreude Chibi Cat: Batcat, (Pippi) Pwnie Floppy ~silentsparrow~