Little tease…

The dame looked in apprehension down on the small dog with his tongue wagging and the smile etched into his face permanently before breaking down and grinning that wide smile dames smile when they chance upon some sickly cute infant or pictures of puppies.  She resisted the urge to drop to her knees in the puddles and pick him up and rub noses with him as she looked at him the silence between them going unnoticed as the intense steady drops of rain echoed on her umbrella.  She could barely tear her eyes from him to look down the road where he had pointed “Straight, then round the curve?” she asked to confirm and the only response from the dog was a bark and a tail wag.  She beamed at him before heading in that direction in pursuit of fortune teller who could tell her about the whereabouts of the elusive hair fair everyone had been murmuring about….

Hi everyone! I have been taking a slight break from blogging due to health reasons but I promise, PROMISE after getting all the pics in the blog switched over to the less resource-eating JPEGs, YOU DAHLINGS will be getting a steady stream of awesome again from me! I am so excited becauseee Vintage fair is coming and we are in midst of hair fair. I want to thank the cutest lil dog on the grid for posing with me for this shot and showing me HIS epic work of genius you should go check out his youtube HERE  Bluejean Clip is a sweetie and be sure to check out his store in world if you are a tiny cause they got an awesome lil shop! I sometimes get the bug to write silly lil things to go along with my pics do be sure to check out Mad Pea’s hunt it is full of win and the sim is GORGEOUSSS let me tell you!


  • dress: (Milk Motion) Lace dress (collabor88)
  • hair: Eaters Coma – HAIR 28 / Gold Blonde (hair fair atm, i STILL cant get there!)
  • bag: Le Poppycock *Tea Time Sac* Cour (She & Him)

Couldn’t resist ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶a̶c̶h̶! wishin Gemmy a happy rezday!

Beach Close upFirst of all, might I draw your attention to the absolutely GORGEOUS pier behind me? This waterfront was a beautiful place to take pictures at, and you are able to rez so poseballs for pics should be no problem! I thought this was a well made build and I could stare at the view for hours! I’d also like to point out the word on my lip “love” The lip tattoo and eye makeup was made by my dear friend Gemini Galatea for Blacklace Beauty…she’s been in my life longer than anyone I know in second life because we met prior to that in another game…and yes, I love her sooo much shes like the sis i never had! (mad hugs, gemmy!)Stroll on the BeachAnother pic of the lovely pier…oh ya, and me too! *giggles*  Feel free to click here to visit the Pier!



  • bikini: ::TGIS:: , wrap around bikini
  • hat: [gos], floppy hat scarf
  • bag: Le Poppycock,  *London Tote* Oxford
  • ring: {PopTart} Ringy Pop (Lemon Lime) (sorry i got a massive chuckle out of this because a guy I adore is named Lemonnlime in sl 😀 xoxo lemon!
  • necklace 1: Maxi Gossamer,  Vintage Race Whistle
  • necklace 2 .olive. folded golden paper “s”

*promotional copies