Fighting the darkness


Normally I don’t talk too much about RL here, because I can do that elsewhere.  Lately, however I am beginning to feel a bit crowded and out-of-place.  I don’t know where to begin so I write. Post 9-11 in the states saw an increase in racial profiling, and also racially motivated hate crimes towards Muslims out of fear, hate, and revenge.  These days I believe that tensions regarding that have ceased, however now that I have moved to Canada, I have to deal with it all over again as the new legislation they are trying to pass blatantly targets Muslims and Jews.  With this legislation trying to be passed this past week I have seen night after night reports of hate crimes on the news.  This makes me incredibly sad as I had been feeling up until this point, “YAY we are past that!”.  That is not the case and I would hope that they let this legislation go as it doesn’t do anything but stir the pot for trouble.  I promise I wont get heavy often but Id like to leave with a quote from a movie that dealt with these issues.

Razia Khan: Remember one thing, son. There are only two kinds of people in this world. Good people who do good deeds. And bad people who do bad. That’s the only difference in human beings. There’s no other difference. Understood? What did you understand? Tell me. Tell me

Rizwan Khan: Good people. Bad people. No other difference.  (My name is Khan quote)

I believe if we all took that quote to heart we would all be better people.


  • hair: Clawtooth: Heck on Wheels (arcade gacha)
  • skin: cStar Limited – Xandra – Shine 1 (autumn effect hunt)
  • glasses: Le Primitif Metal Top Cat Eye Sunglasses – Wood (autumn effect hunt)
  • bag: Le Primitif Leather Swan Tote-Leopard (group gift wooo! go get it! its awesome!)
  • boots: Ison, cult riding boots (collabor88)


FPfull with poster1There’s many things on my mind today so I will try to spit them out one at a time.  Most importantly it has come to my attention that a very talented SL content creator has breast cancer.  It brought tears to my eyes to find out Squinternet Larnia owner of Donna Flora is now under home nursing care.  I want to pass on the message from Miamai’s owner and send everyone to the Love Donna Flora‘s site and be sure to pass on your well wishes and keep your eyes open for the event that will be fundraising for her.

The second thing I wanted to tell you all is a reminder that the Fist Pump hunt is still going on and there is plenty of time left to find the dress that I am wearin in the above pic while you are waiting for your next arcade round!  I loved it the minute I put it on! Be sure to go on over to Atooly’s site to find out more bout it!There was a third thing I wanted to say, but in the time I started writing this post til now…well, it like most thoughts I have have vanished into the ether 😛  Today I got to see my Keripants back home safely and this has brought a smile to my otherwise heavy heart.  We all must have some good news to outweigh the bad, yes?

FP3 closeupjpgLast but not least, yay for Liquence finally being open! I luffs them!


  • hat: Baiastice, Frilly Summer Hat
  • dress: :{MV}: Jersey Mini (fist pump with the best hunt)
  • hair: . Liquence . F2
  • clutch: (Milk Motion) owl minaudiere clutch (collabor88)
  • necklace:KOSH- Sailor necklace (mens dept.)
  • cuff right arm: :::LP::: Christian Arm Cuff (sl fashion week)
  • ring: Maxi Gossamer, Disco lover Cross (collabor88)
  • shoes: Maitreya, Gold Liaison (sale right now!)

When you’re feelin’ blue dress like the sun!

Yellow like the sunFor nearly a week I’ve been struggling with severe pain, and absolutely downright miserable…so to cheer myself up I put together this perky bright yellow outfit from various finds around the grid! Lets not forget this round of arcade gacha is nearly over so I am going into slight panic mode as I adore gacha! Must find my fix elsewhere oh noes!

Sunshine faceoutfit:

  • dress: !Ratchet, Sheath yellow (sl fashion week)
  • bag: Le Primitif, swan tote, yellow (sl fashion week)
  • hair: Lelutka, Jada hair
  • bracelet: Baiastice, spike studs leather cuff-yellow (arcade gacha)
  • shoes: BSD, enlightenment (previous SL fashion week item)
  • necklace: LaGyo, tucana
  • makeup: Zibska, audr gold (cosmetic fair)


Arcadian HumptyBetween SL’s 10th bday and my 36 the past week has been a week to look back (albeit painfully) and remember the journey I took to get where I am today.  I met my wonderful husband in second life in 2004 and I couldn’t ask for a better man to be with.  SL has grown in leaps and bounds since I’ve joined and I’ve grown as well as a person.  To give you a lil hint of how it was back then I am including one of the first pics of my original av EVER! 😀 Laugh if you must, I must admit I do snicker myself when I look at it! maddy premakeoveroutfit in first pic:

  • Hair: Lelutka, ELLIE
  • dress: Ariskea, Isobel (sl fashion week)
  • bag: Le Primitif, Leather Swan Tote-Rasberry (sl fashion week)
  • lipstick: [ChicZafari] – Lips Gloss Tutifruti (Apple/Lemon) (cosmetic fair)

I Mustache you for bacon

mustache blogAdmittedly Im a sucker for internet memes, and/or funny trends and the mustache is no exception.  This is another bloody cute as all get out outfit pulled together from the puppet fair and arcade! The shoes were a lil tough but they are cute too and altogether I think its a pretty quirky and whimsical outfit.  So feel free to mustache yourselves blissfully I know I did!


  • corset: BE; ohsocute moustache corset (puppet fair)
  • garter: Chrissy designs Fantasy Leather Garters w/stockings
  • mustache socks: Le Primitif, Mustache Knee Socks
  • hat: Lagyo, Hilda headpiece RARE3 (arcade gacha)
  • bag: BE; moustache bag (puppet fair)
  • shoes: Dark Midday Designs, “Ruffled Heart” Leg Warmer Mary Janes
  • necklace and ring: Olive, the Mr. Me Stashing collection