Calm before the Storm

I have been wayyy behind on blogging lately due to focusing my efforts on getting The Pier Market started…and maybe a lil bit sidetracked for a short time writing larger-ish chunks of the fiction story that has been in my head.  Am I allowed to be proud of myself that I managed to pull this all together with Smash being gone?  I do not know how I did, as she really keeps me on task and I had to really struggle to keep myself on task but…I did it! If the Pier Market was a present its reached the “ready to open” stage and in 4 oops, 5 days I will be excitedly watching everyone come shop there!  So big thank you to the vendors, who are as large a part of this as the venue itself, I am glad to be working with you! The bloggers who will be our trumpeters letting everyone know it has finally opened, I am excited to see what you have to say.

The Pier Market starts on January 20th and features Wolf&I, xX Second Star, Loordes of London, Eyelure, Liv Glam, free bird, L!KE, the Phoenix Collection, DruWear Designs, StoraxTree, Reverie, Grumble and Couture’d Bacon ❤ Cant wait to see you there!

As an aside, I love this store Cashmere and Keane, maybe with enough cajoling we can get him involved in The Pier Market, eh? 😛



Happy New Year

I hope you all had a great start to 2014!  Im excited because there is sooo many new things coming up for The Docks this year, and soon The Pier Market will be open! If you want to get updates head on over to TPM’s facebook page!  Anyyyyhooo… there is almost nothing more compelling for me then Lelutka hair…so when the talented Thora put out her newest release I was of course huffy at first because naturally, I was broke! Nothing is worse for a Lelutka fan than being caught broke on new release day…only one thing that is worse and that is veggie bacon.  So after getting some money I got her new releases and had a bit of a wander around her sim.  Her formal wear is top notch and then I came across in her formal section a classy looking top with an octopus on it …yes my head asploded.  There were Scar pixels everywhere! I love nautical themed things as much as bacon, so I KNEW I had found my top for NYE.  Problem was…what to put with it? Then, small miracles, found the perfect pants at Limited Bazaar, and my day was made!  Paired it with the awesome arcade gacha PurePoison jewelry and I was unstoppable!


  • hair: Lelutka, Maleficent
  • top: Lelutka, Ariel jacket
  • pants: fendty, joanna.metallicleggings.silver (limited Bazaar)
  • shoes, feet & hands: Slink
  • skin: Deesses, Alicia
  • jewelry: Pure Poison, Star Set (arcade gacha, closed)

pose: (with love & squalor) sticks ‘n’ stones

Walk on the Wild Side

Ok, confession time.  I have been lusting after these shoes for well over a month and now that I finally have them I just HAD to make a shirt to match.  So, with any luck, the animal print tops will be out soon both individually and as a fatpack.  I’ve also been unable to bring myself to do anything productive so for those of you waiting for me to come out with a blog post, lo siento! Been in kind of a slump lately, but working on getting out of it. So, cheers! got a shirt for both guys and gals @ the outlet, and these will be coming out soon, and in a plethora of hunts in the next two months so lots of new goodies coming out.


  • hair: [LeLutka]-SERENA
  • shirt: Couture’d Bacon, Mara top zebra print (coming soon!)
  • shorts: …Mutresse… Lana Shorts (fameshed)
  • shoes: SYL / Climbstra Ultra-Platform Sandals / Zebra (slink add on med feet)
  • crown: BALACLAVA!! Demeter’s Crown (Autumn)
  • feet, hands: Slink
  • eyemakeup: Eyelure, twilight heavy

pose: Del May, Alternative babydoll (variant)

The Cell-shaded Girl

I wasnt always as real as you are.  For a long time I only existed on paper..the figment of an artist’s imagination.  One day I had enough…I was sick of being the brunt of literary foibles intended to make the reader gasp, and feel sorry for me…just a girl drawn on paper.  The more I thought about it, the more unfair it felt… only being there to be used to have the “hero” come running and take center stage.  Believe me, it was no picnic pickin’ up for that chump between scenes what with him being a raging alcoholic and all when noone was looking. If I had to stand around and wait to be “saved” by his stumbling rear ONE MORE TIME I would SCREAM.  I guess you could say the final straw was being sent to sanitarium by the villain as a way to get the “hero” to come to the scene…but how could he come if I was never around to sober him up to begin with? Thats right! Truth be told, I like it better on this side…the comic who drew me’s brother isnt half as misogynistic as he was…I get a chance to be normal and enjoy normal things like taking bike rides and arguing who gets to pick up the tab that night!


  • shirt: ILLMATIC :: Leather Assasian Sweater (sl fashion week)
  • pants: erratic, zoey leather pants
  • overskirt: ILLMATIC :: Extended Paisley Kilt (sl fashion week)
  • shoes: VCO – Mona high sneakers (seasons story)
  • bag: blackLiquid BAG – Gladstone (hunt@ NYC sim)
  • hair: lelutka, Seiko

This is just a tribute..

It doesn’t look anything like this picture…

Growing Up I spent a lot of time at my grandparents farm.  There are many different types of farms out there, but before I was born it was mainly a turkey farm.  During my summers there, though, it was mainly sheep, some pigs and always 3 cows.  My favorite of these were always the sheep, and I even raised two orphan lambs myself one summer, growing quite attached to them and trying to even teach them “tricks”.  I miss the sounds of my summers there, the crickets at night, the faraway trains rolling through, and the smell of the fields.  There is something remarkably beautiful the way the blue sky reaches down and touches the golden hay, much like this picture.  All good things must come to an end, however and with the passing of my grandparents, came the end of an era.  There are horses on the farm now as my aunt and uncle have taken over, but I still remember chasing rabbits around the fields and the bleating of the sheep.


  • dress: BOTHER.Fleur Pink (M) (contact Willow Caldera if interested)
  • shoes: [NV] Hell Heels
  • hair: Lelutka, Seiko (new!)
  • bag: *katat0nik* Rainbow Purse
  • necklace and bracelet: .Olive. the Catch my Starfish Necklace & bracelet (gacha@mes bric a bracs)

Its our anniversary!

The Dance  It was our anniversary and I woke up feeling like I was going to die.  Love is what I get from this man 24-7, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, no breaks, no “love outages” Just growing stronger in intensity the more time goes on.  I feel whenever I catch him staring at me (ok truth be told when he stares at me sometimes I think he wants to eat me or something…but that’s a whole other story) I feel like I just got crowned “miss universe” Our entire day when we should have been doing something like going out to eat, or watching a movie, I spent mostly switching between feeling hot an cold, and when I had to get up and couldn’t this man was right there physically lifting me onto my feet.  I would take that kind of dedication and comfort over anything else.  We met in SecondLife in 2004 and we’ve seen our shares of tribulations over the years…but we’ve struck a balance that has even myself amazed at times.  We have two wonderful sons, granted they’ve been a handful and its been a struggle with the elder being autistic. There is no one I’d rather face that with than him. He’s my rule-exception, my comfort, my maker of tea, and all my dreams come true. I love you babe ❤

AP collagejpg


on her:

  • hair: Lelutka, Beth
  • dress, BE; cross covered dress [yellow] She & Him event (dress’ alpha had major coverage issues see bottom on where to get a better alpha for dress)
  • shoes: Reila ::: Spike Platform Boots (she & him event)
  • eyelashes: ::Modish:: Petal Lashes (She & him event)
  • featured ring: [HANDverk]Gas Mask

on him: (everything can be found @ The Men’s Dept.)

  • shirt: [Sheep Door] Tongue tank
  • pants: Apple May, Denim Mesh Shorts
  • shoes: [LOVE RE ME]Deck shoes :Green*Yellow*Lightblue
  • necklace: KOSH- Sailor Necklace

The alpha that came with the BE dress had serious butt showing at inopportune times for pics…so Couture’d Bacon is working on getting an alpha up for anyone that reads this for FREE  ASAP! please check out Jadore’s Line here it will be ready an up for you all shortly!)


Arcadian HumptyBetween SL’s 10th bday and my 36 the past week has been a week to look back (albeit painfully) and remember the journey I took to get where I am today.  I met my wonderful husband in second life in 2004 and I couldn’t ask for a better man to be with.  SL has grown in leaps and bounds since I’ve joined and I’ve grown as well as a person.  To give you a lil hint of how it was back then I am including one of the first pics of my original av EVER! 😀 Laugh if you must, I must admit I do snicker myself when I look at it! maddy premakeoveroutfit in first pic:

  • Hair: Lelutka, ELLIE
  • dress: Ariskea, Isobel (sl fashion week)
  • bag: Le Primitif, Leather Swan Tote-Rasberry (sl fashion week)
  • lipstick: [ChicZafari] – Lips Gloss Tutifruti (Apple/Lemon) (cosmetic fair)