Seasons Change…

..but you still bring color to my cheeks.  It felt like a decade away from you, yet was only one week.

We stood there talking til the sun went down…you caught me off guard when you pulled me back into you, and that is when I finally felt I was home.  I could feel the sigh escape my lips, the kind of sigh that is a sigh of contentment…everything that felt discombobulated falling into place neatly, and I felt all the muscles that were tense finally relax.  You look out for me and when you aren’t with me I feel like a cornered scared animal.  I smile and everything is all right with the world.

Season’s Palette Hunt gets it’s groove on August 20th, y’all! I am not a huge fan of pink…but this outfit is SO cute I just couldn’t resist picking this one.  I am also on occasion inspired to show off my lola tangos…and was thrilled this hunt item had appliers included. So get your hunting buddies lined up, cause it’s almost here!


  • dress with appliers: Blink2Wink (seasons palette hunt)
  • shoes: ::LEONARD:: Little Princess Flats (seasons palette hunt)

When the 20th hits you can go to start location ::HERE::

Base items I always wear: Deesses skin Alicia, Slink Hands, Mandala ears

Seasons Hunt Info:

Hunt Item:

*Hunt Date: August 20 – September 10
*Hunt Blog:
*Start location:
*Join the SPH Group in-world: secondlife:///app/group/cdc1bbb1-ebfd-f59b-f6e5-73e95300b165/about

My Life as a cartoon…

Blog PopartjpgOk admittedly I’m havin a love-hate relationship with Liv Glam right now…one I hate them for being so bloody AWESOME, but more importantly their store is so huge its overwhelming. Sl also kicked me in the shins and so far, only received 4 of the 5 dresses I bought earlier…still waitin to hear back on that 0_o  I love my life as my “‘toon” as some call em…I adore brits and bacon jussss about equally, and spend my time chasin both around the grid.  Any hoo, the hot, hot summer is comin and Im sure I will either be postin a lot of scantily clad bathing suits in the upcoming weeks or all my pics will have a fan involved somehow.  Only time can tell!