The Charity Gig

Dear Rockers Mag,

Took some time out to wish you all well! Went on a world tour that changed my outlook on clothes a bit, a bit of influence from Italy and Japan, and I have loved every minute of it! I stopped in a small club along the way to do a charity gig for my fave cause…  I love this cause because life was rough growing up and books created worlds that kept me going through all the rough times.  I think all kids need an outlet whether it be for their imagination or just to have a place to escape to if reality gets too heavy.  It has been a whirlwind of travel since you heard from me, been busy performing!  Sending you some “pre show” pics of the charity gig…I often like to go out on the stage and get a feel for the room before its filled with fans…I love the quiet before the storm so to speak and then feel the change when all that energy is in the room!  Have a good Halloween!

~Scarlett Stinger


  • hair: .Olive. the Elisa (sl fashion week)
  • shirt and pants: erratic, keira shirt ally pants *new!
  • necklace: *Tentacio* Bitacora necklace surf version 2 (bitacora travel fair)
  • shoes: BSD, Carpe diem (sl fashion week)
  • makeup: La Malvada Mujer – warrior #5 (cosmetic fair)
  • guitar case & poses: :: Axix :: TravelerRocker (bitacora travel fair)

Shake it off!

I can never leave the past behind
I can see no way, I can see no way
I’m always dragging that horse around

Everything we do in the now is colored by the past no matter how much we try to deny it and I try to take the approach of embracing my inner demons when dealing with them instead of making myself one jumbled up conflicted person, so instead I can bring you eccentric and jumbled up fashion styles! 😀  I want to publicly apologize to Inga Wind for not getting to her awesome clothes earlier and really push for you all to check out her store.  Im wearing quite a few different accessories in my pictures, but keep an eye out for tomorrows post where Ill credit the ones I do not credit today, because I really wanted to draw attention to the detailing on this dress.  Red is my favorite color, its the color of passion, (both good and bad!) its the color associated with love, the blood that pumps through our veins, and of course, bacon!  This dress, therefore, makes me hungry! Tee-hee! I kid, I kid!


  • dress: Inga Wind Clothing, Cori
  • backpack, .Olive. the Carry Me BackiePacks – El Diablo (arcade item not out in store yet)
  • glasses: flowey for Stories & Co. / Meowculars – Ruby Glitter (also arcade)
  • hair: blackLiquid HAiR – Chen (NLA)

This is just a tribute..

It doesn’t look anything like this picture…

Growing Up I spent a lot of time at my grandparents farm.  There are many different types of farms out there, but before I was born it was mainly a turkey farm.  During my summers there, though, it was mainly sheep, some pigs and always 3 cows.  My favorite of these were always the sheep, and I even raised two orphan lambs myself one summer, growing quite attached to them and trying to even teach them “tricks”.  I miss the sounds of my summers there, the crickets at night, the faraway trains rolling through, and the smell of the fields.  There is something remarkably beautiful the way the blue sky reaches down and touches the golden hay, much like this picture.  All good things must come to an end, however and with the passing of my grandparents, came the end of an era.  There are horses on the farm now as my aunt and uncle have taken over, but I still remember chasing rabbits around the fields and the bleating of the sheep.


  • dress: BOTHER.Fleur Pink (M) (contact Willow Caldera if interested)
  • shoes: [NV] Hell Heels
  • hair: Lelutka, Seiko (new!)
  • bag: *katat0nik* Rainbow Purse
  • necklace and bracelet: .Olive. the Catch my Starfish Necklace & bracelet (gacha@mes bric a bracs)

I Mustache you for bacon

mustache blogAdmittedly Im a sucker for internet memes, and/or funny trends and the mustache is no exception.  This is another bloody cute as all get out outfit pulled together from the puppet fair and arcade! The shoes were a lil tough but they are cute too and altogether I think its a pretty quirky and whimsical outfit.  So feel free to mustache yourselves blissfully I know I did!


  • corset: BE; ohsocute moustache corset (puppet fair)
  • garter: Chrissy designs Fantasy Leather Garters w/stockings
  • mustache socks: Le Primitif, Mustache Knee Socks
  • hat: Lagyo, Hilda headpiece RARE3 (arcade gacha)
  • bag: BE; moustache bag (puppet fair)
  • shoes: Dark Midday Designs, “Ruffled Heart” Leg Warmer Mary Janes
  • necklace and ring: Olive, the Mr. Me Stashing collection

Circus is in town!

Circus BlogToday I hung around the circus and tried my hand at alllll the things i could…tightrope walking, acrobatics and even got to hang out with the trained animals! It was so excitin to be high up and I imagine that is what birds feel like.  SL is an amazin place to be sure, there are some drawbacks though.  Before SL, I would infrequently dream about flying…and every time without fail I woke up from one of those dreams I would always have the biggest grin on my face as they were the happiest dreams I ever had.  In 2004, when I first started SL they did not have direct teleports…and so one would have to teleport to a telehub and fly across many sims to get where you wanted to go…and the drawback of this was flying became a chore to me, and ever since then, not a single dream about flying.  SL has brought many wonders into my life, brought about the fateful meet of my current husband, directly resulting in two of my beautiful children, but still I mourn..I mourn the unbridled joy I felt waking up from a flying dream. So I have to find other ways and things to find joy in.  YAY SHOPPING! I mention these things because of all the things I see regarding SL’s BDay celebration this year the 10th!


  • clothes: Bubble Electric; ubercute dress [polkastripes] (the funny puppet fair)
  • legwarmers: Tentacio bunny legwarmers (the funny puppet fair)
  • hair bow: Noodles – The Glitch Bow (arcade gacha, THANKS KAT!)
  • head toaster: .Olive. the Grandma’s Treasures – McToaster Hat (arcade gacha)
  • hair: Clawtooth, That Pretty Lady – PinkandPretty (arcade gacha)

A Camping we will go..

Camping blogI’m not entirely sure this was a smart decision on anyone’s part. I mean REALLY? ME?!? CAMPING? *shakes head* Between uneven ground to walk in my heels, and the bugs, and the shared changing rooms for swimming…a girl’s gotta draw the line, SOMEWHERE, right? I think I sprained my ankle on top of everything, but the things we do for beauty!Camping closeup

As always, shots taken at the lovely Lennon Park

my outfit:

  • dress:  Hucci Yola Dress, Greyed Jade (collabor88)
  • shoes: ISON – billie patent heels seafoam (collabor88)
  • bag: (Milk Motion) Mini leather suitcase bag (past arcade gacha item)
  • necklace and bracelet: .Olive. the Mr. Me Stashing (past SL fashion week item nla)
  • hair: Magika, Wait (yay newnesss!)

Couldn’t resist ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶a̶c̶h̶! wishin Gemmy a happy rezday!

Beach Close upFirst of all, might I draw your attention to the absolutely GORGEOUS pier behind me? This waterfront was a beautiful place to take pictures at, and you are able to rez so poseballs for pics should be no problem! I thought this was a well made build and I could stare at the view for hours! I’d also like to point out the word on my lip “love” The lip tattoo and eye makeup was made by my dear friend Gemini Galatea for Blacklace Beauty…she’s been in my life longer than anyone I know in second life because we met prior to that in another game…and yes, I love her sooo much shes like the sis i never had! (mad hugs, gemmy!)Stroll on the BeachAnother pic of the lovely pier…oh ya, and me too! *giggles*  Feel free to click here to visit the Pier!



  • bikini: ::TGIS:: , wrap around bikini
  • hat: [gos], floppy hat scarf
  • bag: Le Poppycock,  *London Tote* Oxford
  • ring: {PopTart} Ringy Pop (Lemon Lime) (sorry i got a massive chuckle out of this because a guy I adore is named Lemonnlime in sl 😀 xoxo lemon!
  • necklace 1: Maxi Gossamer,  Vintage Race Whistle
  • necklace 2 .olive. folded golden paper “s”

*promotional copies