The coffee here is delicious!

I daydream often…and being in a coffee shop surrounded by the smell of fresh coffee is the doorway to all the many worlds i think up in my head.

Ive been in a whirlwind the past few days trying to get done everything on my to do list and ending up getting absolutely NOTHING done but being a bit sick and miserable.  I did end up with a smile on my face when I checked out these new chairs (go pick them up here!) and smiled even wider when I saw all the ice creams at the Atelier Kreslo’s Ice Cream Festival! I love Ohmai! and had to pick up every single one of her creations as you can see the love and the creativity in each one.  I picked up one of the Arcade owner’s Octagons Yazimoto’s creations as well… makes me proud in a way… GO TEAM ARCADE!  I’m very sad to hear that Anya Ohmai wont be creating for Arcade’s 1 yr anniversary but the genius DOES occasionally need to rest, right? Last but not least I picked up the Canadian Maple one, because I live in Canada, eh! ❤ I just also have to mention that I fell flat and well, heres a girl that went without shoes this post cause I was too bloody tired to find a pair that matched right.  Awesome job, Sakide on your Season’s Hunt 3 dress I absolutely adore it, along with all the jewelry I picked up at L’accessoires! Happy anniversary!  Ooo one more thing: the eyes I have on are my new staple, they too are from Season’s Palette Hunt!


Seasons Hunt Info:

Hunt Item:

*Hunt Date: August 20 – September 10
*Hunt Blog:
*Start location:
*Join the SPH Group in-world: secondlife:///app/group/cdc1bbb1-ebfd-f59b-f6e5-73e95300b165/about



The Red Queen vs. The White Queen

corsetkerilong1The White Queen won…was there any doubt? With her pristine lined outfit, and her legs that seemed to stretch for miles, even the Red Queen couldn’t deny that it was well worth the loss to see her leaning against the tree after.  The birds chirping amongst the tree branches, and the swiftly moving current behind her was all very musical to her ears as she laid there and daydreamed.  Red Queen smiled and curtsied as she left “til we meet again!” she called, and the White Queen blew a kiss “next time dont forget the cookies” she laughed in return. Corsetblogback1Outfits:


  • corset outfit: Sakide, Elear summer (numberology)
  • hair: Wasabi Pills, Gloria
  • shoes: N-Core, Sense (past group gift)
  • bracelet: Baiastice, cuff ghost (arcade gacha)


  • corset outfit: Sakide, Elear spring (numberology)
  • hair: Analog Dog, ism
  • shoes: Slink, Vanity boots
  • bracelet: Baiastice Triple Stars Small Leather Cuff-red (arcade gacha)


Its gettin’ hot in here!


Going overboard is not unusual for me…so when I say “when I arrive.. I bring the fire” I mean every word of it! Where I’m from, not even cross heels can help…or maybe I wear them ironically…who can say? Is it time to throw out a bunch of cliches? If you cant stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen? or maybe…life is like a box of matches you never know which one is goin to be the one to burn your fingers? *giggles*  Either way, its always a safe bet you’ll need to carry a fire extinguisher around when you hang out with me!

gothbodyfinalThis ensemble was inspired by bits and pieces found at the World Goth Fair.  

Click the link to find your favorite designers and which of the two sims they are in!

What I’m wearing:

  • hair: Clawtooth, Sugar Kisses (collabor88)
  • skin: +Nuuna+ Khalida Skin 7 [Fair] (world goth fair)
  • makeup: +Nuuna+ Red  lips (option comes with skin)
  • outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Lucretia Bodysuit Black (world goth fair)
  • shoes: [whatever] Maria
  • eyelashes: Toxic Bish, Sexy Bish

I’m seein’ stars…

casblogfullfinalIts completely mental I tell you! They NEVER give me a break! I’m lucky I got to see the stars before being whisked off to do the next set of pictures lights glaring in my eyes, perpetual smile…you know, the works! At least I had a shoot with a handbag this time that I could hide my lil stash of bacon in to take nibbles between shots!blogcasfinalSo between being absolutely gobsmacked at the deco job on this sim, which i just HAD to show you more, but Miwa of LovelyMi was providing the gift for Fashion Limited this month and everything vanished…but behold! there IS news! It is as follows:

“I apologize all members and designers for the closure of the store. It will be reopen soon (certainly this week-end) I’ll send you thenew lm soon
Thanks for your understanding
Ely XXX”

So hopefully It will all be sorted out and back to normal in a few days!

Things to look for while visiting LennonPark:

tipjar1 danceobject1


and now, credits!

  • pants: #He La# Harem pants (group gift yay!)
  • shirt: .: Somnia :. Moustache Top (100block event)
  • shoes: Redgrave, Helena
  • hair: Epoque, Stabilizer II
  • bag: The Millinery Shoppe, Beaded flapper bag (red)
  • necklace: *League* Short DayDream Necklace (previous collabor88 item nla)
  • makeup: Lovely Mi – Samurai (fashion limited group gift can pick up in store)
  • ring: [ SAKIDE ] Black Heart Ring Teal (100block event)
  • bracelet: [tea.s] Claw Cuff Bracelet
  • nails: [ S H O C K ] Fluid Nails XXL (100block event)

Then there was light…

TheBeginningShe heard the world calling for salvation, they had burned the light out of their sky and the darkness was unbearable. She chased the gloom from their world and brought back the sun.  Her heart was heavy, however as she feared unless they learned from their mistakes it would not be long until she heard their pleas again.Ibringthesunfixed

Ok, ok I know! Surely however you will forgive the temptation of indulging in my inner god complex! Much love and bacon! (oh and these sunglasses are absolutely divine as well! much love to the creator Walton F. Wainwright aka faust steamer of Contraption!)

Welcome to my world…

Apocalyptic CoupleHe couldnt have seen it coming…I usually dont take the initiative but something about the heat in the tunnels or maybe it was that I had a nail gun in my hand at the time…I just had to let him know how hard it was to stand near him without losing all sense of decorum…. Ok so maybe I took advantage of the fact he has sooo much trouble saying no to me…but Im pretty sure he was just as happy about it as I.  Thank GAWD for boyfriends makin bacon runs!ApocCloseupMost of this outfit was found at the 100 block event…and I have to give HUGE props to the maker of the glasses…i fell head over heels in love with them the minute I saw them! so without further ado:

On Scar:

  • hair: Raw House, Urban Savage 2
  • arms: Neurolab, Ev3 Android (mp link)
  • sunglasses: K_gs, Stoomrider (100 block event)
  • pants: [sYs] OUTLAND orange (100 block  event)
  • shirt 1: [NV] Hai top (block 100 event)
  • shirt 2: (fd) Messy Crop Tank Sheer – Orange (collabor88)
  • shoes: {{BSD Design studio}},Fashion editor orange (100 block event)
  • ring: [ SAKIDE ] Black Heart Ring Red (100 block event gacha)

On Jimmys:

  • hair: Raw House, Destroyer 2 HxC
  • eyewear: K_gs, Boomer (100 block event)
  • outfit: ::GB::MESH Double-jacket suit(Black) (100 block event)
  • shoes: TonkTastic, Short Combat boots
  • necklace:  *KRASH* Rebel Necklace