It’s not too cold for ice cream!

OK Ill admit…the nip in the air is enough for a sweater but I simply can not resist ice cream no matter WHAT the weather.  Sadly, no candied bacon ice cream, but in a pinch anything chocolatey will do!  I couldn’t be happier though, because I get to wrap myself up in new Millinery Shoppe sweaters.  They make me feel good that its fall.  I wandered around and I love the shopping area here so much I am opening a store location up at the Atooly Mall.  I was going to write a story for this post but I got sidelined by lulz on flickr.  I may write stories for posts but bottom line of my being is a truth teller.  My friends have said to me over and over one of the things they love about me is my brutal honesty, so being accused of making false statements has me laughing hysterically.  That said, if you want to see the hilarity for yourself by all means check out my flickr *here*.


  • sweater & skirt: The Millinery Shoppe, *MS Embroidered Cardi/y white, Tweed skirt tartan orange *NEW RELEASE!
  • shoes: Hucci, Bagani Suede Boots (collabor88)
  • hair: Clawtooth, Hearts on fire (arcade gacha nla)
  • ring: flowey,  Meow Meow Double Ring SECRET RARE (arcade gacha NLA)
  • purse, Azoury, Heima Purse Caramel (l’accessoires)
  • undershirt: *BOOM* Everyday Tank

Commonly used items:

  • Slink hands
  • Deesses skin Alicia (I wear this in almost every post <3)
  • Slink Eyelids

Nommy newness @ Millinary Shoppe!

MS closeup dressI had yet another fabulous day wandering around the arcade…this time in a fabulous new creation by the talented Bubbles Roxan of The Millinery Shoppe…  Now she designed these to be 1920’s bathing suits, but they can also double as a very cute and classy short dress! I adore the belt on them its so cute! They come in a variety of colors and can go with just about anything! Enjoy yourselves, as the arcade is 1/3 over *clings tightly* i lufff this round!MS dress fulloutfit:

A bit over the top

MS embroidered adFor me these days ANY date is a reason to get all decked out…my schedule doesnt allow much time these days to socialize soooo of course I pulled out all the stops.  I couldn’t help myself again…of COURSE I chose to meet at Lennon Park as there really is no better place in my mind to get cozy with someone you find baconly delicious.  Anyyyhoo I just had to show off Millinery Shoppe’s latest and greatest and voila! Perfect night! MSdressmontageoutfit:

I’m seein’ stars…

casblogfullfinalIts completely mental I tell you! They NEVER give me a break! I’m lucky I got to see the stars before being whisked off to do the next set of pictures lights glaring in my eyes, perpetual smile…you know, the works! At least I had a shoot with a handbag this time that I could hide my lil stash of bacon in to take nibbles between shots!blogcasfinalSo between being absolutely gobsmacked at the deco job on this sim, which i just HAD to show you more, but Miwa of LovelyMi was providing the gift for Fashion Limited this month and everything vanished…but behold! there IS news! It is as follows:

“I apologize all members and designers for the closure of the store. It will be reopen soon (certainly this week-end) I’ll send you thenew lm soon
Thanks for your understanding
Ely XXX”

So hopefully It will all be sorted out and back to normal in a few days!

Things to look for while visiting LennonPark:

tipjar1 danceobject1


and now, credits!

  • pants: #He La# Harem pants (group gift yay!)
  • shirt: .: Somnia :. Moustache Top (100block event)
  • shoes: Redgrave, Helena
  • hair: Epoque, Stabilizer II
  • bag: The Millinery Shoppe, Beaded flapper bag (red)
  • necklace: *League* Short DayDream Necklace (previous collabor88 item nla)
  • makeup: Lovely Mi – Samurai (fashion limited group gift can pick up in store)
  • ring: [ SAKIDE ] Black Heart Ring Teal (100block event)
  • bracelet: [tea.s] Claw Cuff Bracelet
  • nails: [ S H O C K ] Fluid Nails XXL (100block event)

A beautiful day in space…

SpaceFaceIt’s not true cyborgs don’t have feelings. We do.  We just are better at hiding them from others….it makes humans wary of our kind if they see any real emotion from one of us.  When we are needing to show it, most of the time to make themselves feel better they write it off as “just their programming”.  My heart may be cybernetic and made of synthetics…but I feel just like you! SpaceFull frameI wanted to give our readers a chance to see this beautiful nighty in an unusual setting…so I took the vintage 20s negligee and put it in a space setting with some unique and exotic makeup from blacklace beauty!