I’m seein’ stars…

casblogfullfinalIts completely mental I tell you! They NEVER give me a break! I’m lucky I got to see the stars before being whisked off to do the next set of pictures lights glaring in my eyes, perpetual smile…you know, the works! At least I had a shoot with a handbag this time that I could hide my lil stash of bacon in to take nibbles between shots!blogcasfinalSo between being absolutely gobsmacked at the deco job on this sim, which i just HAD to show you more, but Miwa of LovelyMi was providing the gift for Fashion Limited this month and everything vanished…but behold! there IS news! It is as follows:

“I apologize all members and designers for the closure of the store. It will be reopen soon (certainly this week-end) I’ll send you thenew lm soon
Thanks for your understanding
Ely XXX”

So hopefully It will all be sorted out and back to normal in a few days!

Things to look for while visiting LennonPark:

tipjar1 danceobject1


and now, credits!

  • pants: #He La# Harem pants (group gift yay!)
  • shirt: .: Somnia :. Moustache Top (100block event)
  • shoes: Redgrave, Helena
  • hair: Epoque, Stabilizer II
  • bag: The Millinery Shoppe, Beaded flapper bag (red)
  • necklace: *League* Short DayDream Necklace (previous collabor88 item nla)
  • makeup: Lovely Mi – Samurai (fashion limited group gift can pick up in store)
  • ring: [ SAKIDE ] Black Heart Ring Teal (100block event)
  • bracelet: [tea.s] Claw Cuff Bracelet
  • nails: [ S H O C K ] Fluid Nails XXL (100block event)

Nymph in the water

Nymph in the waterThis water….its my home.  I have seen men come and go, and yet I live on.  Travelers quench their thirsts in my river, and I sometimes make myself known when I see one appealing enough…They try to convince me to come with them, but it will never be.  Twice have I been visited by Poseidon, and no more.  My sisters are now poplar trees due to his unbridled lust, and my tears for them makes the river flow swift.  It is now my duty to keep them safe from man as my prayers to Zeus go unheard.Nymph Tear

I have a few people to thank for helping me complete my vision, one to Adira Springflower for her generous loan of the flower crown no questions asked, and secondly to Darth Kline. I highly urge everyone to visit his sim and donate when possible because he has done such a good job making the sim so photographic and enjoyable! Visit his sim!

What I’m wearing:

  • *BOOM* Nature’s Crown (denim mix) (thanks Adira! arcade gacha item)
  • hair: Clawtooth: Sugar Kisses (collabor88)
  • skin: [theSkinnery]Anais-Bewitched(champagne) (We love Role-play)
  • eyelids: Slink
  • nails: [ S H O C K ] Fluid Nails XXL (100 block)
  • outfit: (NO) Sheath – Rain Drops(collabor88)