It’s beginning to feel

A lot like Christmas! It has been snowing heavily where I live for the past two days and the chill I feel makes me want to start setting up my christmas tree and decorations! Since it’s a wee bit too early still though, I decided to make some christmas season goodies for everyone! YAY!  So what is on all of YOUR christmas wish lists this year? I have some pretty big items on mine…well two precisely…one my washing machine kicked the bucket and clean clothes are a must…and secondly, I really want my back to get better.  Its been painful since summer and its wearing me out.  I know big requests, but surely christmas is magical and shouldnt be too hard to pull off if you have magic on your side, yes?  In other news the adorbs kawaii purse I am wearing in this pick will be out soon at Fat Pack Week!



…And the haul was Epic!


I always wanted to pose with a big “S” for Scarlett…and now I can cross that off my bucket list!  I decided my skybox home needed a better security system and what better way to defend my home then making the bad guys from Dr. Who be like my guard dogs?  We have Hopscotch’s Lonely Assassin, Pssst, and Delete all guarding my place in the sky.  You can also see my mostly full suitcase from -tb-….now the question is am I coming from or going to somewhere? ILL NEVER TELL!  Theres nothing more exciting to me then the first week of Arcade.  I’ve said it before, but It is sooo like Christmas!  Besides making sure the collections I want are complete, one of my favorite things to do is to find things I know my friends will like and drop it on them.  I think a lot of others get the same joy out of helping others get their lists completed too, I’m not the only one!


  • hair: Wasabi pills Robin (fameshed)
  • outfit: Valentina E Sloane (fameshed)
  • boots: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Rider Boots (arcade gacha)
  • bunny ears, Half-Deer, birthday (secret) (arcade gacha)
  • S object: oOo Studio: Alphabet S (arcade gacha)

various arcade gacha goodies: lamp in background Trompe Loleil, Hopscotch Lonely Assassin, -tb- Bon Voyage – Suitcase Clutter RARE, Schadenfreude Chibi Cat: Batcat, (Pippi) Pwnie Floppy ~silentsparrow~

The Red Queen vs. The White Queen

corsetkerilong1The White Queen won…was there any doubt? With her pristine lined outfit, and her legs that seemed to stretch for miles, even the Red Queen couldn’t deny that it was well worth the loss to see her leaning against the tree after.  The birds chirping amongst the tree branches, and the swiftly moving current behind her was all very musical to her ears as she laid there and daydreamed.  Red Queen smiled and curtsied as she left “til we meet again!” she called, and the White Queen blew a kiss “next time dont forget the cookies” she laughed in return. Corsetblogback1Outfits:


  • corset outfit: Sakide, Elear summer (numberology)
  • hair: Wasabi Pills, Gloria
  • shoes: N-Core, Sense (past group gift)
  • bracelet: Baiastice, cuff ghost (arcade gacha)


  • corset outfit: Sakide, Elear spring (numberology)
  • hair: Analog Dog, ism
  • shoes: Slink, Vanity boots
  • bracelet: Baiastice Triple Stars Small Leather Cuff-red (arcade gacha)


Soooo Sorry!


kawaii fullFor anyone anxiously awaiting more Couture’d Bacon goodies…I am soo sorry it just couldnt be helped…its the beginning of June and I have been swept up in the arcade gacha madness that has been sweeping the grid! I honestly cant stop myself Its like a very bad addiction! Keep in mind too Im double timing it as a moderator for arcade chat which has been an opportunity of a lifetime for me…Ive gotten to work with some realllly great people: Kat Glitterbuck, Marianne McCann, Vegas Afterthought, Kai Diamond, Sophia Harlow and Andel Rhiandra to name a few! (so sorry if i missed a name or four, its been a long weekend for me!)

kawaii close upkawaiibackIm just reallly lovin on all these things that the creators have come up with for this round…also hit up numerology event to finish off my look so dont forget other events even if arcade is still running!


  • 22769 ~ [femme] Sabita Top Teal & Indian Hot Pants Teal (numberology event)
  • D-lab, ears, eye piece, and backpack in blue  (arcade gacha)
  • [Aux] Leg Warmers in teal (arcade gacha)
  • *BOOM* Friendship Bracelet various (arcade gacha)
  • Noodles – Kiss the Girl Bow (arcade gacha)
  • /Wasabi Pills/ Lory Mesh Hair – Golden (arcade gacha)