The mundane ramblings of Scarlett

ok so it occurred to me I am full of crazy comments that would make a normal person wet themselves laughing. So without further ado I am dedicating a page to off the cuff comments of mine that i spew out over the course of the day…will be keeping this updated so be sure to check back frequently!


[2013/09/12 13:11]  ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): oh shoot i forgot to wash my hands
[2013/09/12 13:11]  Marianne McCann: oops
[2013/09/12 13:11]  ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): i used lysol wipes on the walls
[2013/09/12 13:12]  ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): and gettin somethin outta my tooth was rather….ewww
[2013/09/12 13:13]  Marianne McCann: eww, I’ll bet!


[14:43] ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): america may treat its women like shit but damnit you fuckers have better pickles and salad dressings
[14:43] Keri Star (shondala18.inglewood): lol
[14:43] ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): i got pickle mouth
[14:44] ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): you know where you stick the wedge in your lips and smile and and you see pickle
[14:44] ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): that is what im doin right now but no smile
[14:44] ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): jus picklin it up


[12:33] ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): course my final plan involves moving to England where ill be surrounded by people that look down on me but i don’t care cause im too busy swooning in their accents


[16:06] ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): you know what i think
[16:06] Smash Drezelan: what? :]
[16:06] ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): we should be secret faux lesbian lovers and never tell anyone not even each other
[16:06] Smash Drezelan: LMFAO
[16:06] Smash Drezelan: hahahaha WHAT?
[16:06] ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): i was bored one day ok these are the crazy things that go through my head
[16:07] Smash Drezelan: hahaha i love you rofl
[16:07] Smash Drezelan: how would we be faux lesbian lovers if we didnt tell eachother?
[16:07] ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): you would only find out if you found my collection of used panties of yours
[16:07] Smash Drezelan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
[16:08] ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): or you know, my ocd notebook with all pages filled with Mr. Scarlett Drezelan
[16:08] Smash Drezelan: WHY DO YOU GET TO BE THE BOY?!
[16:08] ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): as somehow, i always am the butch in any lesbionic relationship
[16:08] Smash Drezelan: lmao
[16:08] ѕcaʀʟɛтт ʟuv – mᶜmɪʟʟaɴ (scarlett.luv): heyyy whoa there if you want to be the boy by all means you can be the boy
[16:08] Smash Drezelan: hahaha


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