Confessions of a Slacker

So, I must admit it, I have been slacking on my blogging duties somewhat fiercely, but please bear with me as I have been doing other amazing things as well! What I would kill for to have a good manager so I could delegate some tasks.  The Pier Market will be welcoming back Drua, Reverie, and Loordes of London for next round among some others, so I am very excited.  Still NO sign of Smash which makes me extremely worried and I hope shes ok.  Bad Unicorn clothing has come out with some cute bucket hats, and Hipster fair opened, and I TRIED to fight the lag but I gave up having only seen like 3 stores.  I will have to try later when the rush dies down.


  • hat: [BUC] “Navy Blue” Brixton Bucket Hat
  • hair: Lamb, Pocket knife (collabor88)
  • shirt: -SSW- -unnamed shirt- (hipster fair)
  • pants: {.:OZI:.} Boho Pants (hipster fair)

pose: Del May, Hotness

Waiting for the epic Arcade Gacha Win

The excitement of the Arcade Gacha about to explode with 4 days left til we all get to go in! I am just one of many folks who are holdin their breath waitin for the awesome show to begin.  In all honesty, Ive had bad news by the buckload the past few days and I could really use a fun distraction aka Arcade Gacha.  I love this dress it really appeals to my love of all things nautical!  Feel free to hit me up for trades when the Arcade opens and pick up one of these dresses for your very own!


  • dress: the second star**HEY SAILOR ruffle halter dress (marketplace link)
  • shoes: Couture’d Bacon Off Broadway Ballet shoes- anchors aweigh
  • hair: !lamb. Thieves Like Us (Mesh) – Honeycomb Root
  • makeup: Zibska, Altjo ~ Red (group gift)
  • necklace: ~Scribble~ Silver Squid Necklace Messy Arms Ltd.35 (nla)

A bit over the top

MS embroidered adFor me these days ANY date is a reason to get all decked out…my schedule doesnt allow much time these days to socialize soooo of course I pulled out all the stops.  I couldn’t help myself again…of COURSE I chose to meet at Lennon Park as there really is no better place in my mind to get cozy with someone you find baconly delicious.  Anyyyhoo I just had to show off Millinery Shoppe’s latest and greatest and voila! Perfect night! MSdressmontageoutfit: