Seasons Change…

..but you still bring color to my cheeks.  It felt like a decade away from you, yet was only one week.

We stood there talking til the sun went down…you caught me off guard when you pulled me back into you, and that is when I finally felt I was home.  I could feel the sigh escape my lips, the kind of sigh that is a sigh of contentment…everything that felt discombobulated falling into place neatly, and I felt all the muscles that were tense finally relax.  You look out for me and when you aren’t with me I feel like a cornered scared animal.  I smile and everything is all right with the world.

Season’s Palette Hunt gets it’s groove on August 20th, y’all! I am not a huge fan of pink…but this outfit is SO cute I just couldn’t resist picking this one.  I am also on occasion inspired to show off my lola tangos…and was thrilled this hunt item had appliers included. So get your hunting buddies lined up, cause it’s almost here!


  • dress with appliers: Blink2Wink (seasons palette hunt)
  • shoes: ::LEONARD:: Little Princess Flats (seasons palette hunt)

When the 20th hits you can go to start location ::HERE::

Base items I always wear: Deesses skin Alicia, Slink Hands, Mandala ears

Seasons Hunt Info:

Hunt Item:

*Hunt Date: August 20 – September 10
*Hunt Blog:
*Start location:
*Join the SPH Group in-world: secondlife:///app/group/cdc1bbb1-ebfd-f59b-f6e5-73e95300b165/about


The Train Ride

The trip was a long time coming.  I had put it off too many times, I simply couldn’t put if off any further.  Whenever I go there I feel their disapproval…and they make me feel like they are always mentally patting themselves on their backs for being “better” then me.  I try to straighten my shoulders and walk proud, but every trip, without fail I go home crying.  I value love, helping our fellow man and being as strong as I can for my own family.  I could never live up to their standards as I simply don’t put any value on “success”.  To me, success is measured far differently, such as how well we love our children, and making others feel good about themselves, not how much money I rake in every year.  With a sigh, I get on the train…and take deep breaths and get ready to face the family I grew up in.  So if you are blessed with parents who care about your welfare and well-being, as opposed to how good you make them look….give them a hug and tell them how much you appreciate them!

In the above photo I wanted to show the differences that a dark vs light skin can make and the differences a base skin with glossy vs. matte lips makes.  Big hand for another awesome creation by Gemini Galatea from Blacklace Beauty!   Visage Summer Sky coming out friday!



AlohaAnyone who knows me knows the minute I saw this suit I HAD TO HAVE THEM ALLLLL! Thankfully, several ims, and a bunch of lindens handed over later, i DID! So big thank you to Aranel Ah of Boom for helpin a girl out, ’cause I really couldnt rest until I did! This look was inspired by a mix, but mostly all the delicious goodies of summerfest! So get YOUR anchor suit on an come surfin with me! We will sit on the sands of Bora Bora after drinking in the beauty of it all and workin on our SLtans!


  • suit: Boom, Hampton Bikini (summerfest)
  • flower headpiece: Boom, Tiare Crown (also summerfest)
  • open dress: Tentacio, puppi dress (puppet fair)
  • surfboard: Tabloid – Shaka Brah Surfboard – Aloha pink (arcade gacha)
  • necklace: Mandala, Nyorai
  • hair: Exile, Bad reputation

Rainy Weekend

Rainy DockThis was, by far one of the hardest posts to pull off because when I was attempting to work magic on the closeup so you could all see the accessories, PS kept crashing on me, arghhh! Its been a very rainy father’s day where I am, so I thought Id make the picture rainy to fit rl 😀 Hope you all have a good one!

Dock Closeupoutfit:

Weekend goodies!

Party timeI love that its a major fashion release weekend! Lots of goodies, from Fashion Limited, SL Fashion Week and  L’accessoires!pursecloseup1The purse is fantastic as you can click it and change the color of the flower!

shoecloseup1Another yay from BSD!


  • jacket and skirt: GizzA, Flora Outfit (fashion limited)
  • bag: MaxiGossamer  Denim Daisy (fashion limited)
  • shoes: BSD enlightenment yellow (sl fashion week)
  • necklace:  MANDALA YAKUSHI
  • hair: Miss C, Fer (fashion limited)
  • makeup: Pink Acid Candy Glass Gloss (fashion limited)

I’m seein’ stars…

casblogfullfinalIts completely mental I tell you! They NEVER give me a break! I’m lucky I got to see the stars before being whisked off to do the next set of pictures lights glaring in my eyes, perpetual smile…you know, the works! At least I had a shoot with a handbag this time that I could hide my lil stash of bacon in to take nibbles between shots!blogcasfinalSo between being absolutely gobsmacked at the deco job on this sim, which i just HAD to show you more, but Miwa of LovelyMi was providing the gift for Fashion Limited this month and everything vanished…but behold! there IS news! It is as follows:

“I apologize all members and designers for the closure of the store. It will be reopen soon (certainly this week-end) I’ll send you thenew lm soon
Thanks for your understanding
Ely XXX”

So hopefully It will all be sorted out and back to normal in a few days!

Things to look for while visiting LennonPark:

tipjar1 danceobject1


and now, credits!

  • pants: #He La# Harem pants (group gift yay!)
  • shirt: .: Somnia :. Moustache Top (100block event)
  • shoes: Redgrave, Helena
  • hair: Epoque, Stabilizer II
  • bag: The Millinery Shoppe, Beaded flapper bag (red)
  • necklace: *League* Short DayDream Necklace (previous collabor88 item nla)
  • makeup: Lovely Mi – Samurai (fashion limited group gift can pick up in store)
  • ring: [ SAKIDE ] Black Heart Ring Teal (100block event)
  • bracelet: [tea.s] Claw Cuff Bracelet
  • nails: [ S H O C K ] Fluid Nails XXL (100block event)