The Pier Market, Round 2!

Some excellent previews of our current round! From now til March 4th

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The Pier Market Vendors

Heartstone Gold

6 choices of backpacks by Adore

._{Adore}_. Love Fatpack

3 dresses, 5 choices color-wise of clutch, 5 choices color-wise of cross earring

Couture’d Bacon

Phoenix Collections

Aphorism Rough Rider Boots: 4 color choices

Reverie Tops

Reverie Boots

Bay City Tree Lighting

So between the madness of trying to sort out a monthly fashion event for 2014 (which is going to be THE bomb if you are interested in participating feel free to holler!), moderating this months round of arcade gacha and trying not to keel over, I found out from a fellow moderator this awesome event! Bay City Tree Lighting is tomorrow December 8th!  There will be many fun things, performances and silent auctions for wayyy cool things…saw some things Id love to have even!  So be sure and check it out and perhaps bid on a beautiful picture done by our very own Marianne McCann to support Child’s Play Charity ( Child’s Play is a 501c3 non-profit organization offers online communities such as Bay City’s an opportunity to help seriously ill children around the globe during their hospital stays with the purchase of games and gaming equipment.  So go on over to the VENUE HERE and support a very worthy cause!


on him:

arcade gacha items:

  • lanterns held by both: LISP – (light in the frame if it needs modding) Lantern
  • Clawtooth Closer hair
  • Sleepy Eddy Engineer boots
  • 8f8 sheep hat (rare)

To Kronos, much love from Didyma

I miss you and you pop into my head from time to time.  Last time we talked was nearly 10 years ago if not longer.  I’ve come a long way in the time we have talked, and am happier now.  I think that would make you glad….but I hope that you are just as happy, but I’m not sure that is possible.  I have a few regrets, one major one being that we never met face to face.  I wonder if that would have changed how we saw each other.  You often put a smile on my face when there was none, and made me feel special when noone else did.  Maybe some of the courage I found to leave my bad situation came from you.  You followed me into the dark places in my mind and made those dark places acceptable and helped me embrace the dark parts of myself.  You named me Didyma and while I never got the whole reason I am assuming there were many…from being a gemini to also being bipolar and a lot of other reasons….You had dubbed yourself Kronos after father time…our names fit and I still love them to this day.  I doubt he’ll ever read this, but I had to give him a nod at least once he shaped who I am today in good ways.

As an aside: a very HUGE portion of all my poses come from Del May…i luffs them hardcore go check em out!  Another thing to not try as I may, my pics did not do the eye pieces from solidea folies justice you will have to take my word for it that they are beyond epic.  Also the jeans are out tomorrow @ Boho Culture Fair woot!


I don’t tell her everything

It can be a lonely life….sure there is a lot of travel involved but honestly I enjoy the sights I wouldn’t want to switch to something else for the world.  I would have to say knives are easily my weapon of choice, sure its messy, sure you have to get up close, but i have been able to take out several this way and slip away before anyone ever noticed that mark was dead. Recently though, I have picked up a lil tag-along

I met her in a club in Paris awhile back, and ever since I have taken her along for the ride…different city every week. She’s the perfect cover and she doesn’t even know my real name.  She is a lil firecracker and fun diversion in the downtime.  I took her to one of the countryside safe-houses while I was working out the details of my next hit. One afternoon I caught her near my weapons cache I had to put a lil fear in her to keep her away from that area.  I think she got the idea that I was serious.  I simply cant afford to have my cover blown, it would take too much time to clean up.

outfit him:

outfit her:

On the boardwalk

It was quite a hectic day, let me tell you and I am pretty sure I learned my lesson.  Even seagulls love bacon…thats right I had to run from a particularly persistent and hungry seagull, and the lesson was: Never EVER wear your bacon perfume around animals …EVERRRR.  I am obsessed, but making myself smell so good was BOUND to cause issues.  As an aside, this sim is gorgeous, but not gorgeous enough to pay insane prices on renting.  The cost for renting a shop in this sim is wellll over double any normal priced place.  So if you like it well enough to pay out your nose, more power to you 😀  The shirt is a new release from the ever-cute store Eyelure and I definitely stole these aphorism shorts from my guy friend’s closet…I did it while he was sleepin…please don’t tell!

When I saw this hands free camera I literally fell in love…In fact I like it so much i may have it permanently attached to my head!  The other sooo awesome thing I have is the group gift from Balaclava, it comes in a few different version but of course I had to wear the 5 letter one, cause I HAD to have it say “BACON”! Have a good weekend!


  • Shirt: Eyelure, Cropoff tee
  • pants: !Aphorism! Boyfriend Shorts
  • shoes: Revanche Privileged Wedges (avenue fashion week)
  • necklace: BALACLAVA!! Typewriter Keys Necklace (5Letters)
  • eyepiece: RO – Photographers Eye – Closed (fameshed)
  • hair: . Liquence . – F5
  • makeup: MONS / Makeups – Eyeliner Print – blackmetal

Weekend Getaway!

Ive got an amazing life! Sometimes its hard to be apart, but when Lee got back from being on tour with his band, Picking up Pennies, he surprised me with a trip up the coast!

We started the trip in a plane and jetted up the coast of Cali…and ended up sailing on a hired boat for the weekend!  I had no idea Lee could sail! We met when I ended up being a model for one of their album covers, and have been together ever since.  He is the bassist and one of the vocals for their band and I simply loooove it when he sings to me. He tried to teach me how to do knots and some nautical terms, but admittedly I was a bit distracted by the sun reflecting off his skin…

When we got back…things became even more surreal! Lee PROPOSED! We’ll be married after he finishes his Europe tour next year…I’m so excited!

Outfit one on her:

  • dress: !Soul ~ Mesh Dress Rainbow (w/lola appliers woo!) (Season’s Palette Hunt)
  • hair: ISON – Heidi
  • glasses: {U.R.} Fashion Glasses Summer Edition Breeze (Season’s Palette Hunt)
  • shoes: .::Vivid::. Studded Pumps (Atooly Colors of Summer hunt)
  • necklace: Zibska, Sevan (the gallery gift shop)
  • skin: Deesses Alicia

outfit on him:

  • hat: AKEYO Fedora GreyWool (mens dept)
  • jacket: Chronokit, Fabre jacket
  • pants: !APHORISM! Charcoal Linen pants (mens dept)
  • shoes: Tabloid – Sabbia espadrilles (mens dept)
  • beard: Discord Designs, Beards – Leon
  • shirt: [BU] Bad Unicorn clothing “HMS Nathicana” Mens Vest (seasons palette)

Also with [BU] came a womans version which is also to die for! xoxo Bad Unicorn clothing!

second outfit on her:

  • shirt: *Slave* Hanna T-Shirt M (seasons palette hunt…. 2 options!)
  • pants: Chronokit,
  • hair: Analog Dog, birthday
  • glasses: [ glow ] studio Inside me Glasses (TDRFusion)

Seasons Hunt Info:

Hunt Item:

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