Rainy Weekend

Rainy DockThis was, by far one of the hardest posts to pull off because when I was attempting to work magic on the closeup so you could all see the accessories, PS kept crashing on me, arghhh! Its been a very rainy father’s day where I am, so I thought Id make the picture rainy to fit rl 😀 Hope you all have a good one!

Dock Closeupoutfit:

Wont you come hear me play?

Venice SongThe Venice in my imagination is an amazing place.  Many lives full of changing history and creating it lived there and so much beautiful architecture and artistry.  So I play my song to you all today from Venice…have a seat in the gondola and listen as i weave my tales to you to the beautiful yet mournful wail from my violin! Be sure to sit still, however as I have terrible balance and do NOT want to end up in the water *shudders*