I Mustache you for bacon

mustache blogAdmittedly Im a sucker for internet memes, and/or funny trends and the mustache is no exception.  This is another bloody cute as all get out outfit pulled together from the puppet fair and arcade! The shoes were a lil tough but they are cute too and altogether I think its a pretty quirky and whimsical outfit.  So feel free to mustache yourselves blissfully I know I did!


  • corset: BE; ohsocute moustache corset (puppet fair)
  • garter: Chrissy designs Fantasy Leather Garters w/stockings
  • mustache socks: Le Primitif, Mustache Knee Socks
  • hat: Lagyo, Hilda headpiece RARE3 (arcade gacha)
  • bag: BE; moustache bag (puppet fair)
  • shoes: Dark Midday Designs, “Ruffled Heart” Leg Warmer Mary Janes
  • necklace and ring: Olive, the Mr. Me Stashing collection

Circus is in town!

Circus BlogToday I hung around the circus and tried my hand at alllll the things i could…tightrope walking, acrobatics and even got to hang out with the trained animals! It was so excitin to be high up and I imagine that is what birds feel like.  SL is an amazin place to be sure, there are some drawbacks though.  Before SL, I would infrequently dream about flying…and every time without fail I woke up from one of those dreams I would always have the biggest grin on my face as they were the happiest dreams I ever had.  In 2004, when I first started SL they did not have direct teleports…and so one would have to teleport to a telehub and fly across many sims to get where you wanted to go…and the drawback of this was flying became a chore to me, and ever since then, not a single dream about flying.  SL has brought many wonders into my life, brought about the fateful meet of my current husband, directly resulting in two of my beautiful children, but still I mourn..I mourn the unbridled joy I felt waking up from a flying dream. So I have to find other ways and things to find joy in.  YAY SHOPPING! I mention these things because of all the things I see regarding SL’s BDay celebration this year the 10th!


  • clothes: Bubble Electric; ubercute dress [polkastripes] (the funny puppet fair)
  • legwarmers: Tentacio bunny legwarmers (the funny puppet fair)
  • hair bow: Noodles – The Glitch Bow (arcade gacha, THANKS KAT!)
  • head toaster: .Olive. the Grandma’s Treasures – McToaster Hat (arcade gacha)
  • hair: Clawtooth, That Pretty Lady – PinkandPretty (arcade gacha)