The Pier Market, Round 2!

Some excellent previews of our current round! From now til March 4th

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The Pier Market Vendors

Heartstone Gold

6 choices of backpacks by Adore

._{Adore}_. Love Fatpack

3 dresses, 5 choices color-wise of clutch, 5 choices color-wise of cross earring

Couture’d Bacon

Phoenix Collections

Aphorism Rough Rider Boots: 4 color choices

Reverie Tops

Reverie Boots

Pre-event Jitters

It has been nearly three weeks since Smash has been gone and I am really worried about her.  It feels downright odd to face opening night without her…she is, after all my Pier Market partner in crime.  Either way, I am really looking forward to starting off 2014 with some really awesome creators I might not have ever met if it weren’t for the Pier Market.  I knew of the owners of Oceania but had no idea they ran a store named Free Bird… then Loordes of London, well who hasn’t heard of that store? Thumper aka PaulCook of Reverie is slightly dark and gothic and it shows in his clothing….and of course Willow of Eyelure whom I discovered awhile back and have loved blogging for.  We also have DruWear, Phoenix Collections, Grumble and StoraxTree rounding out an amazing set of designers.  I met Mara who runs xXSecond Star through moderating arcade gacha and kept her creative rear around and I consider her a close friend…who knows what friendships will come from running this event? We will see!

Just wanted to show off some of the exciting releases from our designers, shake off some pre-opening jitters and excitedly tell you all The Pier Market opens tonight @ Midnight SLT!

Pier Market Items!

  • outfit: Eyelure Sash Yogas
  • backpack: Grumble-Cyber Pack-Red

ps…sorry about the line in the bag I couldn’t fix the line even if I tried, however it was a graphical error not a line in the actual bag

Can you keep up with me?

It may be a hard thing to do I have to warn you…even when I am not moving my thoughts are a million miles a minute..  That said I do love the speed of this bike and riding around on it is such a thrill.  It’s been a favorite of mine ever since I got this bad boy back in February.  Luckily, I can now look as good as my bike in this riding getup.  From my head down to my toes I am covered and that is a huge thanks to Inga Wind!  When the helmet is off I just shake out my hair and apply some of this fabulous lipstick from Eyelure and I am good to go!  Now all I need is a riding partner! *winks*


It’s not too cold for ice cream!

OK Ill admit…the nip in the air is enough for a sweater but I simply can not resist ice cream no matter WHAT the weather.  Sadly, no candied bacon ice cream, but in a pinch anything chocolatey will do!  I couldn’t be happier though, because I get to wrap myself up in new Millinery Shoppe sweaters.  They make me feel good that its fall.  I wandered around and I love the shopping area here so much I am opening a store location up at the Atooly Mall.  I was going to write a story for this post but I got sidelined by lulz on flickr.  I may write stories for posts but bottom line of my being is a truth teller.  My friends have said to me over and over one of the things they love about me is my brutal honesty, so being accused of making false statements has me laughing hysterically.  That said, if you want to see the hilarity for yourself by all means check out my flickr *here*.


  • sweater & skirt: The Millinery Shoppe, *MS Embroidered Cardi/y white, Tweed skirt tartan orange *NEW RELEASE!
  • shoes: Hucci, Bagani Suede Boots (collabor88)
  • hair: Clawtooth, Hearts on fire (arcade gacha nla)
  • ring: flowey,  Meow Meow Double Ring SECRET RARE (arcade gacha NLA)
  • purse, Azoury, Heima Purse Caramel (l’accessoires)
  • undershirt: *BOOM* Everyday Tank

Commonly used items:

  • Slink hands
  • Deesses skin Alicia (I wear this in almost every post <3)
  • Slink Eyelids

Gotta pay the bills somehow

A girl’s gotta eat, but dont tell the bosses I was eatin the product, alright?  ‘Cause they would killll me! I was just cravin’ some of that good ole arcade popcorn, y’know!

(entry for arcade contest! xoxo)

credits all from Arcade Gacha:

  • hair: AD – just sayin – blanched  (my bad)
  • glasses: [LWL] La vie en Rose Glasses (White)
  • bracelets: ASO! National Flag Bracelet (Germany) , (UK)
  • skin: [theSkinnery]Alice 6 (toffee)
  • necklace: Noodles – The Captain’s Hand Necklace RARE

background arcade items:

  • (Matt) Pwnie Floppy ~silentsparrow~ RARE
  • .:Standby Inc. – Coffee Bag (Vanilla)

Summer in the City


We are just a couple of lower east side girls tryin to make it in the world to make our families proud. Adanna to my right, she certainly did make her parents proud with her record store…and I….I run my own boutique with fashions from around the globe hand picked by me.  I enjoy being the girl that makes everyone in my family look good, and you know I keep my homegirl Adanna lookin straight up bangin’!

outfits on Scarlett:

  • shirt: .Shi, fur pullover
  • pants, erratic zoey leather pants
  • boots, Milk Motion, biker boots
  • clutch, Pure Poison, Diamonds Apple Clutch
  • jewelry, Pure Poison, Marina (l’accessoires July)
  • skin: Deesses, Alicia  & slink appliers (new)

dress on Keri:

  • dress, Blink2Wink, Maxi dress (nla former designer circle)